Forgetting And Remembering

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Songs in which someone either forgets or remembers something, or not forgets or not remembers something, or a combination of both.

Forgetting / Not Remembering[edit]

Remembering / Not Forgetting[edit]


  • I Can't Remember The Dream - "I can't remember the dream that I had last night" , "When I'm awake I note all that I see / And remember it with photographic accuracy"
  • The Neck Rolls Aren't Working - The narrator can't recall what day of the week it is, but then remembers
  • Prepare - "And make you forget everything that you currently know... Remember a second ago / Recall if you can how it used to be / Remember a second ago / It's hard to believe we were so naive / I can barely remember anything about a second ago"
  • Sleepwalkers - "Perhaps when they awake they'll remember everything / they'll think it was a dream / it will be forgotten then"
  • Super Cool - "That sweet day I forget it all / And stop searching for the trapdoor / I'll come back here to remind myself / Of when I lost it on the dance floor"
  • Thunderbird - "You don't know how I tried to forget what it was like / I remember now, I remember now why they called it Thunderbird"
  • Wait Actually Yeah No