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Luke's Track Rankings[edit]

Now that BOOK is available as a download, I thought, “why not finally share my track ranking and some short reviews of each track?” I already love this album so much, so you’re gonna notice me pass out 10/10s to a lot of these songs. Join in, post yours as well!

1. I Can't Remember The Dream - Loved it right as I first heard it. Haven’t gotten sick of it in the slightest since its IFC release and continued on to be my favorite from the album. Perfectly catchy with some classic upbeat Linnell melodies with daunting lyricism (in the absolute best way possible) and an amazing guitar riff. Truly the highlight (alongside my next favorite track) from the album in my opinion. 10/10

2. Brontosaurus - Right as this song came on I started freaking out. Linnell’s power-pop side has almost always been my favorite section of TMBG and this has already become one of my favorites in that realm. With absolutely amazing and invoking lyricism and a painfully wonderful melody that I haven’t been able to get out of my head, Brontosaurus holds strong as being the best non-single track and maybe in the future my absolute #1 favorite on the album. It’s entirely possible... 10/10

3. Drown The Clown - “The presents job is to drown the clown...” I immediately knew this would be in my top 3 once I heard that Instagram snippet from back in December. It’s so damn catchy! The organ sound gets stuck in my head so often and fits the circus-y sound so well. The lyricism on this song is also very reflective of something like The Spine maybe? Can’t exactly pinpoint it, but I think that’s probably it. 10/10

4. Synopsis For Latecomers - An opener really makes an album for me. If an album doesn’t have a good opener it immediately sets a bad mindset for the album, as good as that album maybe. Luckily Synopsis for Latecomers did not disappoint. I was a little thrown off until the distorted guitars swooped in with a dark tone. Man. This song is unbelievable. It is such a haunting choice for an opener which really lit up a sign in my brain saying, “TMBG is back!” Another dark aspect to this song is the flat-out horrifying line, “who ate the babies?” which made me audibly say out loud, “Jesus Christ.” 10/10

5. Less Than One - Wasn’t big on this song too much at first, but upon second listen it zoomed straight up my track ranking. The chord changes are so powerful and like Synopsis, give the song a really eerie and dark tone. Some more classic Linnell lyricism about broken radios and stuff. Love it so much. Could definitely see this joking the top 3 at some point. 10/10

6. Moonbeam Rays - Such a beautiful track. Loved it right as I heard it, but that was enforced once I saw the live in-studio version I feel bad not including this in my top 5, but there are too many great tracks. I love Flans’ heartbreak tracks. They’re always so pretty. 10/10

7. Lord Snowdon - Reporting for service! Another wonderful track that oddly reminds me of Christmas shopping sprees (due to the line about shopping sprees). The horns really make this song for me. Right as I heard that little horn melody in the chorus the song went from being pretty good to amazing. The horns on Thisbe album are the best they’ve ever been. 9/10

8. Wait Actually Yeah No - Another track where the horns shine so brightly. I love when Linnell does these kind of listing songs like this. But not just any listing songs, lists of stuff that are completely random and have no relation to each other. Such a smooth sounding song. Love it! 9/10

9. Part Of You Wants To Believe Me - I really liked this song when it released as a single, but once I heard it on the album, I loved it! Such a fun, almost toy-ish sounding melody that makes me smile each time. The use of synths, bongos and whatever that guitar sound is make that feeling shine through. Linnell’s vocals on this song are particularly amazing, I’m not sure why. Love this song so much. 9/10

10. I Broke My Own Rule - I hate ranking this track seemingly low because it’s such a great song, there’s just too many other great songs too. This is another song I really liked before the album, but now love after hearing the album. Linnell’s lyricism on this song is just mind-blowing and the bridge in this song is one of the best bridges I ever heard. The toy piano is also delightful. Because of all these reasons I wanna raise this so much higher, but I don’t want to go back and move everything lol. 9/10

11. I Lost Thursday - I remember really liking this when it first over a year ago. And then I kind of got sick of it, then liked it again, then got sick of it...But once I heard the album, the song finally radiated to me, as did almost all singles. The punchy slap bass on this song is And the synth-y sounds and Flans’ vocals... More and more I like this song. Great track. 8/10

12. Quit The Circus - I reaaally did not like this one when I first heard it, I’m not sure why. It’s so pretty. The horns make it so grand and so pretty. I wish I could rate this one higher because it’s just another wonderful and beautiful song. I don’t exactly know what this song is about, but the final lyrics of the song and the lines, “to scare off this old ghost, the one I fear the most” just blows me away. I don’t know why, but those lines are so emotional to me. I love this into Less Than One too. Almost reminds me of I Can Hear You into The Bells Are Ringing. 8/10

13. If Day For Winnipeg - I really didn’t know how to feel about this one at first. It’s so unconventional and simply odd. But I love it. The weird synth(?) and whatever stringed instrument that is make this sound nothing like a TMBG song. Which is so great. It’s such a unique song and a great place of exploration. It’s so oddly catchy. I love the urgency in Flans’ “IF DAY IS FOR EVERYONE.” It’s downright haunting. It somehow feels like some song that’d be playing in some apocalyptic time. Great and simply unique song. 8/10

14. Super Cool - Unfortunately, this is the only single I liked better before the album. It’s a good song and very catchy aside from the horn melody in the beginning, I reaaaally don’t like it. The rest of the song is very good and I love Flans’ relaxed vocals and Linnell’s atmospheric harmonies. It’s a SUPER COOL song, just don’t get why it was a single. 7/10

15. Darling, The Dose - Only song I'm really not big on. It’s fine, but it’s just kind of annoying knowing a better song (I don’t know which ones, but there were many unreleased outtakes) probably could’ve replaced it. It’s still catchy though. 6/10

That took awhile... Note that this is completely my opinion and that it could change, but right now this is my solidified ranking. A truly great album, but I mean c’mon, of course, it’s TMBG. --Lukehennisch (talk) 17:39, 10 November 2021 (EST)

fork's track rankings[edit]

1. Brontosaurus - 10/10

2. Quit The Circus - 10/10

3. If Day For Winnipeg - 9/10

4. I Can’t Remember The Dream - 9/10

5. Drown The Clown - 9/10

6. I Broke My Own Rule - 9/10

7. I Lost Thursday - 8/10

8. Moonbeam Rays - 8/10

9. Part Of You Wants To Believe Me - 8/10

10. Synopsis For Latecomers - 8/10

11. Less Than One - 8/10

12. Super Cool - 8/10

13. Wait Actually Yeah No - 7/10

14. Darling, The Dose - 6/10

15. Lord Snowdon - 6/10

i'll add these + the pamphlet to my slide on my userpage - fork (talk) 19:03, 10 November 2021 (EST)

first couple critiques about the album and its songs[edit]

I will say this, I don't usually like albums when they release because I critique them on everything. Give me about month and my opinions will change greatly. For example, I used to absolutely despise John Henry, but now it's my 7th favorite album. So for this album to just have come out and for it to already be at the #11 spot is tremendous. But because it just came out, here are all my current critiques:

  1. Synopsis For Latecomers- John altered his voice again. I don't like it when he does that.
  2. Moonbeam Rays- I praised this song when it came out on YouTube, and I stand by my opinion, the video version is my 2nd favorite TMBG song of all time, and is the only song ever released in the history of ever that I like the live version of it more than the album version. The album version doesn't have what I liked about the video version. I likened it back to Best Regrets (my favorite TMBG song), but the album version doesn't have any of that same energy. It's still probably an 8/10 for me, but boy, did they botch this up.
  3. Lord Snowdon- I think it's kind of dumb as of now, but I haven't listened to that much of it, so hopefully, it can change my mind (unlike Drown The Clown, which I already know is dumb, but I like the song anyway)
  4. Darling, The Dose- Kind of lost on me, as it's lost on everyone else, I see. Kind of just out there with no real purpose.
  5. Wait Actually Yeah No- I'll explain my disappointment later. 3/10

That's about it for now, though! This is the first time I've actually been hyped with a new TMBG album coming out, so there was way more to look forward to (and the other way around)--You&Me!! (talk) 14:53, 13 November 2021 (EST)

My opinion[edit]

I might leave full rankings later, but for now, my favorite song is Part Of You Wants To Believe Me and my least favorite is Wait Actually Yeah No. The best song of all, though, is There Will Be Sad. --ColorOfInfinity (talk) 22:32, 13 November 2021 (EST)

Way Late book ranks[edit]

1. Synopsis for Latecomers- 10/10

2. If Day For Winnipeg- 10/10

3. Less than One- 10/10

4. Super Cool- 10/10

5. Part of You wants to believe me -9/10

6. I Can't Remember the Dream-9/10

7. I Broke My Own Rule-9/10

8. Quit the Circus-8/10

9. Drown The Clown-8/10

10. Brontosaurus -8/10

11. Moonbeam Rays- 8/10

12. I Lost Thursday- 8/10

13. Lord Snowdon- 8/10

14. Darling the Dose- 7/10

15. Wait Actually Yeah No- 7/10

I'll explain for people who want me to, on my userpage, or on discord or something --⇂⇂↋ suᴉɥsuǝZ ʎɯɯᴉᒋ (talk) 07:22, 16 November 2021 (EST)


Hey, I forgot to post my BOOK ranking because I am a doofus.

  1. Brontosaurus- Sorry I forgot my ranking I'm too busy rocking out to that amazing saxophone/guitar line.
  2. Less Than One- A great song. Glad we ended on this and not Quit The Circus.
  3. I Lost Thursday- Loved it as soon as I heard it. My first 10/10 on the album
  4. I Broke My Own Rule- Great song about suicidal tendencies
  5. I Can't Remember The Dream- Great, but I think spot number 4 deserved the video more
  6. Drown The Clown- I thought this was gonna be the stupidest thing ever but in reality I love this song
  7. Part Of You Wants To Believe Me- I used to not like this one for seemingly no reason
  8. Moonbeam Rays- Too bad it's the studio version, because the live video version is my 2nd favorite TMBG song, and there's such a drastic difference between them
  9. Lord Snowdon- Surprisingly likeable
  10. Super Cool- Good song, like the horse clops
  11. Synopsis For Latecomers- Fine opener, but doesn't live up to the best TMBG line of all time "Who ate the babies?"
  12. Darling, The Dose- Not as bad as people say it is
  13. If Day For Winnipeg- Would be higher, but the tuba FX are jarring
  14. Wait Actually Yeah No- Slow with great horns
  15. Quit The Circus- Slow with good horns

Overall, my 11th favorite album, between Mink Car at 10th and Pink at 12th--You&Me!! (talk) 14:39, 17 December 2021 (EST)

My ranking[edit]

From best to worst:

  1. Part of You Wants to Believe Me
  2. Drown the Clown
  3. Moonbeam Rays
  4. Lord Snowdon
  5. Less than One
  6. If Day for Winnipeg
  7. I Broke My Own Rule
  8. I Can't Remember the Dream
  9. Brontosaurus
  10. Super Cool
  11. I Lost Thursday
  12. Synopsis for Latecomers
  13. Darling, the Dose
  14. Quit the Circus
  15. Wait Actually Yeah No

--ColorOfInfinity (talk) 22:42, 15 January 2022 (EST)

Song ratings[edit]

The ratings list isn't working, but based on the logs this is what every song would have if it were:

Synopsis For Latecomers: 8.73/10

Moonbeam Rays: 8.10/10

I Broke My Own Rule: 8.14/10

Brontosaurus: 9.41/10

Lord Snowdon: 8.27/10

If Day For Winnipeg: 8.38/10

I Can’t Remember The Dream: 9.08/10

Drown The Clown: 8.72/10

Darling, The Dose: 6.89/10 (but has fewer than 10 votes)

I Lost Thursday: 7.86/10

Part Of You Wants To Believe Me: 8.10/10

Super Cool: 7.76/10

Wait Actually Yeah No: 7.82/10

Quit The Circus: 8.00/10

Less Than One: 8.94/10

--ColorOfInfinity (talk) 22:18, 16 January 2022 (EST)


1. I Can't Remember the Dream 10/10

2. Brontosaurus 10/10

3. Moonbeam Rays 10/10

4.Part of You wants to believe me 10/10

5. Drown The Clown 10/10

6. I Broke My Own Rule 10/10

7. I Lost Thursday 10/10

8. Wait Actually Yeah No- 9/10

9. Super Cool- 9/10

10. If Day For Winnipeg- 8/10

11. Less than One- 8/10

12. Lord Snowdon- 7/10

13. Synopsis for Latecomers- 7/10

14. Quit the Circus 7/10

15. Darling the Dose- 7/10