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Welcome to my userpage. I'm sorry in advance.

My name is Elliott. Despite my username, please call me Ampersand.

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That sugarcane, that tasted good, that's who you are, that's what you could, come on, come on, no one can see you cry...

Fun Facts[edit]

  • I was born May 9, 2007, in Pittsburgh, PA. Also on May 9, 2007 in Pittsburgh, PA, was the live premiere of the song Climbing The Walls.
  • I have been to two They Might Be Giants concerts: once when I was 4, and the next when I was 15.
  • I have rampant AD/HD (if it wasn't already obvious)
  • I am 6th chair for Bass 1 in PMEA State Choir; I am one of the best teenage baritones in the entire state of Pennsylvania.
  • My TMBG hyper-obsession lasted from August 2020 to mid-March 2023. I am currently hyper-obsessing over former alternative rock band R.E.M.
  • My favorite songs of all-time are Imitation Of Life (R.E.M.) , The Great Beyond (R.E.M.), Karaoke (Beach Bunny), and Evil (Interpol).
  • I am openly bisexual and an ally for anyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. I am also an activist for the disabled/mentally ill.
  • Don't start with me about Long Tall Weekend. I will literally do an entire fucking Ted Talk on why I don't like it.
  • I have been playing piano for 9+ years, trombone for 6+ years, and mallet percussion for a <1 year.
  • I love writing lyrics, improvising on synthesizers, and just generally making music.
  • I am ranked #4 and am a moderator of Discord's most active They Might Be Giants server. They have not one, but TWO, server emojis that is literally just me/my face looking stupid as fuck. And I love it.
  • I take disgusting pictures of food. The food itself isn't disgusting, I just can't take pictures.
  • Other hobbies include listening to music (that sounds dumb, but you know I'm right), slacking off, playing video games, and photo editing.
  • I hope to major in digital marketing when I'm older.
  • Most of my They Might Be Giants collection is pirated (my mom's friend gave me about half of the discography that I own, and members of TMBGJ gave me about half of the other through Google Drives, such as demo tapes and TMBG Unlimited, and others I converted straight off of YouTube.) However, I do own physical copies of all of their kids material, including the Here Come DVDs.
  • I have shaken Joe Biden's hand. It was somewhere between 2010-2012; he had come to Pittsburgh for our annual Labor Day parade (for some reason) and he was walking in front of all of the floats and diverting off shaking people's hands and he came up to my 3 year old self and shook my hand and said, "Hey there, handsome." So I may not get bitches, but at least the president thinks I'm hot.
  • Per request of an acquaintance, I recorded a 5+ minute long review of the Miscellaneous T track "Hello Radio".
  • I have released a solo album of Residents/Captain Beefhart sounding "songs" on SoundCloud under the pseudonym Jein Benary. How I got that title (and cover of the album) was by running the cover of John Henry through an AI generator.
  • I don't have any pets. Dogs scare me and cats don't like me. We used to own a lot of fish, but that was before they stopped eating the fish food and started eating their own relatives (and their poop).
  • The Peter Buck airline incident is the funniest thing I've ever read.
  • I regret 110% of my life choices that weren't music-related, and 50% of those that were.
  • I have made the album Mink Car into a meme at my school. All my friends know its name, they know I like it, and they know why it's funny (released on 9/11/2001 by Two. New York. GIANTS.). Some have even listened to the album and used a fake webpage editor to update my username to be Mink&Car!!, changed all of my interests/hobbies/statistics to Mink Car related things, and changed my discography so that I owned approximately 2,520 copies of the 2021 Mink Car vinyl. I urged one of my friends to actually make this page himself; make an account and then make everything Mink Car. So if you're wondering what goofball came onto the wiki and made a Mink Car fan page for his userpage, just know it's me to blame.
  • Around people I don't know very well/people that are more important than me/people that I look up to/people that I hold unrequited love for/(despite the fact that I'm bisexual) most women, I'm a socially anxious mess. Around my friends, however, I am a total fucking goober. Surely these two groups of people wouldn't DARE clash violently in the future when I try to adjust my personality to meet both needs! (I'm a catastrophe of a man.)
  • I admire drum players. I have tried to have what they have, but learned that I never will.
  • Over the past few months, I have become an avid enthusiast in the game of chess. My personal favorite chess streamer is Levy Rozman.
  • Other YouTubers I enjoy include Peebs (It's PeanutButterGamer, but Toasty edits, so it's better and way way funnier, plus it isn't overly clean like his main channel), Alpharad, Nathaniel Bandy, BDG and his Unraveled series on Polygon, SmallAnt, and Schafrillas Productions.
  • I hate country music. Cannot stand it. At least MODERN country music. Christian rock, too. And screamo metal. Really, any metal music. Enter Sandman is one of the songs that is the bane of my existence, along with Adele's Rumour Has It, Lil Nas X's Old Town Road, and most music nowadays that gets airplay. I miss the IRS years (even though I wasn't around back then).
  • My father has dated 2 different They Might Be Giants fans (but he didn't get married to any of them, dang)
  • My mother plays TMBG's kids music for her kids (she's an elementary school music teacher), notably "Seven" and "I Am A Paleontologist", personal favorites of both my mother and her students.
  • Fall is superior to all other seasons. Fuck you.
  • Night > day, easy. If only my parents would allow me to eat Club crackers and do cardio in my basement at 4 AM. God, I can't wait to move out.
  • Wendell Willkie is the song of all-time. (Another TMBG song all my friends know by heart.)