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FAN This user became a TMBG fan in 2020.

FAV This user's favorite TMBG song is Can't Keep Johnny Down.

Join Us.png This user's favorite album is Join Us.
IndestructibleObject.png This user's favorite EP is Indestructible Object.

VID This user's favorite TMBG video is The Statue Got Me High.

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Welcome to my userpage. I'm sorry in advance.

My name is Elliott. Despite my username, please call me Daysleeper. I use they/them.

You&Me!!'s Collection
Apollo 18Bed, Bed, Bed (Book)BOOKBOOKBOOKDirect From BrooklynFloodFloodGigantic (A Tale Of Two Johns)GleanGleanHere Come The 123sHere Come The ABCsHere Comes ScienceI Like FunI Like FunJoin UsJoin UsLincolnLong Tall WeekendMink CarNanobotsNanobotsNo!Phone PowerState SongsThe Escape TeamThe SpineThem Ain't Big Eye AntsThey Might Be Giants (Album)UnsupervisedVenue SongsWhy?Why?

"Last night, I had a dream about you..."

Rankings (incomplete rn)[edit]

Rank Album Favorite Song(s) Least Favorite Song(s)
1 Join Us Can't Keep Johnny Down, When Will You Die, Let Your Hair Hang Down Dog Walker
2 The Spine Damn Good Times, Bastard Wants To Hit Me, Experimental Film, Broke In Two Spine, Spines
3 Lincoln Ana Ng, They'll Need A Crane N/A
4 Glean Erase, Good To Be Alive Hate The Villanelle
5 The Else Careful What You Pack, The Shadow Government, With The Dark N/A
6 Nanobots You're On Fire, Sometimes A Lonely Way Hive Mind, Decision Makers, Nouns, There, Insect Hospital, Tick
7 Apollo 18 I Palindrome I, The Statue Got Me High Spider
8 The Pink Album Don't Let's Start, Hide Away Folk Family, Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head Toddler Hiway, Chess Piece Face
9 John Henry No One Knows My Plan, Sleeping In The Flowers, The End Of The Tour Spy, Dirt Bike
10 Flood Birdhouse In Your Soul, We Want A Rock Particle Man
11 My Murdered Remains The Communists Have The Music, Best Regrets Rowboat Mayor
12 Phone Power ECNALUBMA, Apophenia Sold My Mind To The Kremlin, I Wasn't Listening
13 Factory Showroom Sensurround, Till My Head Falls Off I Can Hear You, Token Back To Brooklyn
14 Mink Car Man, It's So Loud In Here, Boss Of Me She Thinks She's Edith Head
15 Long Tall Weekend Reprehensible, Lullabye To Nightmares On Earth My Nina, Counterfeit Faker
16 I Like Fun Let's Get This Over With, I Left My Body, Push Back The Hands The Bright Side, McCafferty's Bib
17 BOOK Brontosaurus, Lord Snowdon Wait Actually Yeah No, If Day For Winnipeg
18 The Escape Team Mr. Mischief Night, Re-PETE Offender Burnice, Flo Wheeler, Dunkin Of Course Of Course, Corrupted Lyle