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Welcome to my userpage. I'm sorry in advance.


My name is Jesse Charles Bruno. In real life, I go by Elliott. On discord, I go by Moonbeams (sometimes). But around these parts, they call me...Ampersand.

As of the moment I write this, I am about 15 years, 3 months, 5 days, 13 hours and 3 minutes old.

I live in one of the better townships of Pittsburgh, PA. (State Songs reference??).

I'm bisexual, preferring women.

I was born male, but I go by they/them pronouns (so please try to use them!!).

Likes: They Might Be Giants, Lemon Demon, R.E.M., Toby Fox, Beach Bunny "Weird Al" Yankovic, Barenaked Ladies, Jack Stauber, Bo Burnham, writing lists, writing lyrics, messing around with keyboards, CD and vinyl collecting, graphic design, listening to discographies, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Deltarune, taquitos, general tso's chicken, any and all flavors of Mountain Dew, Chex Mix, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Kit Kats, being an active member on both the wiki and the TMBGJ, marching band

Dislikes: People that wear band T-shirts and then don't actually listen to the band, modern rap music, country music (unless it's R.E.M.), Min Min's inclusion in SSBU, R.E.M.'s New Adventures In Hi-Fi, lasagna, cheese on mostly any food, helping with things, (most) school subjects


I've been listening to the band They Might Be Giants for as long as I can remember. As a wee-little boy, I was put in front of our incredibly old 90s CRT television to watch Here Come The ABCs and 123s. My mother owned Flood in college (hence why I have an original CD copy of it) and probably heard about the kids albums from some parenting magazine somewhere and thought, "Huh. Those guys make kids music now? Cool." This probably kickstarted my relationship with the Johns. Whenever they were on-screen for songs like Fake-Believe or Sleepwalkers, I was happy.

In 2011, my mother bought the entire family tickets to go see TMBG live in-concert. The concert was labelled as being for "all ages". I was informed by my parents that they swore a LOT. But that was my first rock concert. I have pictures. (The other thing my father remembers is that Flansburgh spent the entire time wandering aimlessly around the stage. Also, the Avatars appeared at one point!)

After that comes the period where I got less interested in They Might Be Giants as time went on. For Nanobots, we listened to it the morning I got it (Christmas morning 2013) and then never again. For Glean, I was forced to listen to it against my will in a car ride, and then never again. I received I Like Fun for Christmas in 2018, along with free downloads of My Murdered Remains and The Escape Team that my mother got from her work friend who was an IFC member. That album and those downloads remained untouched for the next year and a half. My obsession with music had entered its Weird Al phase right around 2019.

Fast-forward to being stuck in quarantine, mid-summer 2020. It's like midnight or something. I'm scrolling through YouTube, bored as shit. I'm watching music videos at this point, and I said to myself, "Oh, that's right, Birdhouse has a music video!" (I still regularly listened to both Join Us and Flood, since those were the albums I had saved on my iTunes) So I watched that. It was a good time. Now I'm scrolling through the You Might Also Like, and I see a video for a song called All The Lazy Boyfriends. I clicked on it.

Cue 2+ year long hyperfixation.

My collection[edit]

Collections are currently broken, so I will just give you the list of TMBG material that is saved on my iTunes, therefore I own it: