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Jason DeLima:

Tarrytown Music Hall show? You mean like that kickass one they did in 2009?! I'm in.
After seeing TMBG at a bunch of standing venues, it made me realize how lame sitting venues are. I mean, it's nice to have that front row spot and not have to wait 2-7 hours in line for it, but it just sucks haha. There wasn't much to do in Tarrytown before the show other than walk around aimlessly, find the TMBG tour bus, and spot Wenzl from Moon Hooch and Dan Miller walking around with his child and wife. Also, Moon Hooch didn't instruct the audience to stand up or anything, so everyone awkwardly sat down and watched Moon Hooch perform a set that was asking for everyone to get up and start dancing.
Luckily, TMBG fixed that by instructing everyone to get up and move towards the stage after Call You Mom. Linnell and Flansburgh both pointed right at me telling me I had the best spot in the house. I did have a great spot! However, my only complaint is how Flansburgh's amp was considerably louder than everybody else. Every time he played, his amp just shrieked in my ear, while I barely heard the vocals, or Dan Miller's playing, or anything else really. :/
Overall, it was a fantastic show! I really enjoyed hearing Puppet Head. It was a song I've only heard once in my past 18 TMBG shows, and one I always beg for them to play each time I go to a show. Also, they did Mammal! Mammal! Ahh!!! That was a highlight of the night for me.
I thoroughly enjoyed this show. :)


So after a decent hardworking day at school, and finishing my homework as quickly as possible, I left my house at 6PM. We have not got lost. As a result, we arrive at the venue at about 7:20.
We were seated near the back which kinda sucked being back there. I wanted to be near the front already since I picked up more energy as I started to become impatient. I just wanted the good show here at Tarrytown to start already! XD
Finally although not 8PM sharp, Moon Hooch came on and did a pretty good set. On their last song, they used synth sweeping noises and made me think they were going to do progressive house music like Avicii-style music.
During the TMBG setup, Flansy actually had 2 guitars in the show. His Jazzmaster that was going to be used for a spare guitar in case of technical difficulties remained idle throughout the show. As a result, Flansy used his frequent Telecaster in the show.
About an hour later, TMBG finally came onstage for a great set. Just after the intro was played, they jumped right into "Damn Good Times", with great lead guitar riffs from Mr. Dan Miller.
Flansy introduced TMBG and announced about their new album Nanobots and then starting pogoing into Call You Mom. Linny introduced it as "I'd Like To Call You Mom", which was funny since that's actually not the track on the album. They jumped into Memo....
...and then, for all of us high school students in the audience (said that as a joke), James K. Polk!!! Flansy instructed the audience to stand up, so I did so and went down the aisle and I wound up at the front!! Dan Miller's guitar work on the saw solo was pretty good but the octave was put lower than he usually does in most live concerts, and he didn't do a vibrato effect on the B note near the end of the solo. Then, more Nanobots stuff, my fave; CIRCULAR...KARATE...CHOP. The crowd went kinda wild during this song since it was a good new song to rock out to. Therefore, I did with all the other fans around me.
Linny brought back the bass clarinet for Cloisonné, and this time the intro lead guitar sounded different because Dan Miller did not do the slide on his guitar during the intro after the "One two three four" line. Also, the audience put their hands together during the outro. Also in the show, Marty's SPD-S was absent in the show. Marty used his hi-hats instead.
Dan discarded his guitar to take on the keyboard for the portion of the show while Linnell went to get his accordion, and Flansy introduced Dan taking the position of the keyboard. I thought it was going to be Dr. wasn't....they actually did Puppet Head which was phenomenal to hear live. Flansy sang all of the accurate lyrics from the studio version but he did the spoken line "Memo to myself..." line earlier than it did on the album.
They continued to pogo into Dr. Worm, and then into The Famous Polka. During Polka, Flansy handed his pick to an audience member to play the 8 bars near the end of the song.
After that, Dan donned his acoustic guitar and Flansy decided to instruct the audience to yell "Drink, drink!!". The first time was a bit unclear since the audience was "not loud enough".
Then they did a considerably slow arrangement of "Drink!" it was awesome.
Linny discarded his accordion, then did Where Your Eyes Don't Go. It's been great hearing it live since they've been performing live very often now as of October 2009. During the solo near the end of the song, Dan Miller returned to his yellow Gibson ES-335 and they continued to pogo into Insect Hospital which was catchy like Judy. During the solo outro, John and John then introduced the Avatars of They to do He's Loco. They left just after that, and the Johns returned for Lost My Mind. After that, Flansy spoke in the robot voice as funny banter. Fans thought he was going to do Robot Parade, but instead decided to do newer material according to the setlist. It was the album's title track; Nanobots! They jumped into Withered Hope after that, and then Robin just walked right onstage (I assume she may have been ushered onto the stage so I don't think she actually crashed it). They did Dr. Evil. Robin, however, was not introduced until after the song as she left the stage after that. Weird.
Then, TMBG went into Can't Keep Johnny down another song to rock out with the last single to date. They continued into Birdhouse, where all the fans went wild throughout the song there. We continued to rock out during The Sun. Near the end, Flansy did the "Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Helium" line during the spoken parts rather than made-up stuff.
During the 123 Band Intro, Marty did these funny furious pointing looks to the camera, making the audience laugh hysterically. After that, the last song became a queston; When Will You Die?, from Join Us, their previous album.
The band left the stage and I started banging on the stage nagging for an encore.
As TMBG returned for the first encore, they went back to newer material again for a nice catchy and considerably quiet but mellow song named Tesla. It was pretty cool live with some nice guitar work from Dan.
For the last song, they brought back Dan Miller's acoustic guitar intro solo which hasn't been done since 2011!! Dan switched to his Telecaster just after the solo so he still had it on just in time for the jam outro.
I pounded the stage again for another encore and TMBG did come back for another encore. Then I expected a rarer song. Then, suddenly...THEY DID MAMMAL!!!, which hasn't been performed since 2010. Dan Miller didn't return to stage until just after the song.
Flansy discarded his guitar for the last songs and then did Mesopotamians, and then finally, closed out with New York City. As a result, Dan Miller had to do all of Flansy's guitar work as well as his own for the last song. Flansy also sang the line "I held your hand, you held mine" at this show. However, he sang "the empire state where King Kong lived" though.
After that the show was over and Flansy came back out to hand out stickers for all the fans. Guess who received some? IT WAS ME!!!! Thanks a lot, Flansy!!!!! Also, I got a setlist after the show that was taken off the keyboard. It was a really fun-filled show with lots of new material. Blame it on the fact that it took place near the start of the Nanobots tour!!! :3
Yeah, I'm tired, my hands hurt and I should probably get some sleep for the next day of school. But no! I can still work hard all night no matter what!!