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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Jason DeLima:

My dad drove me to the show, so we didn't let lost anywhere from Middletown, NY to Tarrytown, NY or back. We didn't even use MapQuest.
Oh my dear lord, so much to say about this show. Way too much.
My only disappointment was the setlist. It was 98% of Princeton and 2% of Montclair, and I attended both of those shows. There was also a .01% of a song that I haven't heard live before. Actually, the entire setlist was Princeton with a few song switches and song adds. Also, Older and Subliminal was on the setlist, but not played. Why Does The Sun Really Shine? was not on the setlist, but played.
Outside of TT Music Hall, I found some fellow wikians and their friends. Specifically, CapitalQ, TDK, HeyErikLeafinson and MichelleMaBelle. I love meeting up with wikians at concerts. Please come up and say hi to me if you see me at a future show. Like I said, I love it!
So as me and my friend (who has never heard of TMBG before) were walking around outside the Tarrytown Music Hall, I noticed a man wearing red pants. Next to him was a man with a green shirt. Guess who they were? Danny Weinkauf and Marty Beller, respectively! We walked by them a few times just to get the funny vibe of, "oh crap I'm standing next to someone in They Might Be Giants!", then when we saw TDK talking to Danny, we figured it was alright to talk to them, so I walked up, said hi, and said bye to Marty as they quickly went back into the Music Hall. John Flansburgh also walked out for a few seconds, but I was really scared to say hi to him.
I was a major jerk for the entire show, a.k.a. the person screaming out stuff to the band while it's quiet. For example, when Jed Parish walked out, I screamed, "I LOVE YOU JED!!", and he was like, "oh good!" There were too many other instances of me doing that at the show.
So within the first two songs, Flansy himself asked the audience to stand up, and asked the far-back rows to get closer, a tradition happening with these double-header seated shows. I felt really bad, because after Twisting, the guy behind us asked us to move over because his handicapped father couldn't see. But once we all got up front against the stage, it was all good and I never heard from him again.
During Fingertips (Whispered), I screamed "WHISPER THAT DAN!" Another little joke from the Princeton show, where I yelled "ROCK IT DAN!" during the same song.
The Guitar is an extremely fun number. I enjoyed it very much at Montclair, and I was very happy to hear it again here. Dan Miller ended up playing the rhythm guitar riff, a nice little change up from Flansy playing it. After the whole crazy few measures of random-ness, Flansy put his guitar in the audience and let them strum. I loved hearing my little strums during that part! The Guitar also featured Weinkauf's bass solo, where Danny did a funky dance during it. That's also where Flansy started the famous, "The Bass is Danny Weinkauf!" chant, which usually happens during Graveyard.
Before the show, I told the little TMBW group that we were going to have a dance contest during DJ. It totally happened, probably the most powerful I've ever felt during a TMBG show haha. I wonder what surrounding people thought about us just dancing during the song.
I'm not sure if any of you saw my YouTube video of New York City from the Princeton show while it was still up, but a funny joke coming from it was Flansy saying "King Kong" instead of "Dylan." I yelled at him for that. And I did the same during this concert, and I think he heard me, because he sang, "The empire state where Dylan lived." Very cool!
Now here's where the fun started. During Graveyard, Marty did his big little drum solo (and he almost fell over during it), and me being a drummer, I loved it. During the second quiet verse of Damn Good Times, I yelled, "YOU ROCKED THAT DRUM SOLO MARTY!" Flansy replied saying "He did rock that drum solo.", and I just thumbs upped him. And I know Marty knew it was me, because when they walked off the stage before the first encore, Marty pointed right at me, and waved bye.
John Linnell did the same mistake he did at Princeton, starting up the She's An Angel drum machine, he accidentally hit the Philadelphia drum machine. I was also hitting the stage in sync with the bass, and Linnell smiled at me.
After the show, while me and CappyQ were waiting for setlists, Marty ran out and gave us high-fives. After we got our setlists, and me and Q tried taking a facebook pic, Marty came out and handed me the drumsticks he used for the show! It was the coolest thing ever. Marty's seriously my favorite drummer in the entire world, and it was cool to hold, hell even keep a pair of drumsticks that he used.
And to Rob, the guy that asked me why they didn't play Experimental Film, hi!
I would like to give a great thanks to Jed Parish, They Might Be Giants, and those from This Might Be A Wiki for putting on a super great show. To anybody that saw me at the show, I was the one with a green shirt and Beatle-like black hair, screaming all the crap at the band, say hi! I'm also really sorry if I annoyed the heck out of you.
P.S. Marty if you're reading this, I really want to thank you again for the acknowledgement and the drumsticks, and please check out my YouTube drum covers of TMBG songs.