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TMBG has played this venue before, but it was back in 1996 when it was still known as The Palace. They noted this in their banter. Show started after 8, but earlier than last night. It ended before 11.
The crowd was larger, more into it, and older (less teenagers) than last night's Ventura show. I guess teenagers can't afford to pay $15 for parking. The crowd was great, except for the one obnoxious guy who kept demanding songs from Apollo 18 and repeatedly screamed "show us your tits" at Mr. Flansburgh. The band seemed to feed off the larger crowd, and may have have had a little more energy than last night as a result... but then again, the show itself was shorter, so I could be wrong.
It was Dan Miller's birthday. Prior to It's Not My Birthday, John & John dedicated the song to everybody in the building except one person, not explicitly stating that it was Mr. Miller. Then as Miller was cranking out his solo at the end of Damn Good Times, people entered from both sides of the stage with a piece of birthday cake with candles. Seemed to take him by surprise.
Songs were pretty much the same as last night. Some were moved around in the order.
Ana Ng, James K. Polk, The Guitar, Fingertips, Mr. Tambourine Man, and Doctor Worm were out.
Climbing The Walls, Particle Man, Twisting, and Alphabet of Nations were in.
The guest on Phone Calls From the Dead was Lionel Barrymore. Mr. Barrymore refused Mr. Linnell's requests to divulge the location of his grave and the identities of those buried around him, declaring "a gentleman never tells." Barrymore touted that he was a ladies' man in life, and remains one in death. He added that his Myspace page is taking friend requests. The Linnell hung up. It was much funnier than last night's Vincent Price bit, with most of the crowd laughing and Flansburgh laughing when he returned from backstage.
Later in the show, Mr. Flansburgh stated that he received a note which stated that Barrymore called back afterwards, and was very upset that Mr. Linnell hung up on him. The note warned the band that the Avalon was haunted, and that the band should save themselves.
Mr. Flansburgh joked that he just realized that the celebrities were not actually buried under the stars, due to the number of living celebrities with stars.
There was some problem with the slideshow for Older, and it wasn't used during the 'time' pause. Linnell was frustrated by this. The highlight of Older was Dan Miller standing on the edge of the drum stand with his guitar pointed at the sky.
Flansburgh said that Ant has re-entered the setlists for TMBG because he feels it's become a more topical song.
During Particle Man, somebody in the crowd was holding up a vinyl copy of The Else, which caught Linnell's attention. He used it as an opportunity to plug the merchandise stand, then quickly told them to put it down and start clapping. Barrymore would return once more to reach his skeleton arm out from his grave and be defeated by Triangle Man.
"Everybody needs all their fingers. My dad taught me that," said John Flansburgh, "Get out of my house, kid." ... The saxophone player from last night wasn't there. He had some kind of finger injury. George (last name) replaced him. His intro to Istanbul wasn't as good, but beyond that, there wasn't much difference. Flansburgh dubbed the trio "The They Might Be Hollywood Horns". They didn't play Doctor Worm or James K. Polk, so they used the confetti cannons for Istanbul. I was grazed on the forehead by a small chunk of confetti that didn't separate, but survived.


Follow up Information:

So I just down loaded the mp3s for the Oct 3rd Hollywood show, and it looks like there was a goof in the track naming.

Starting with track 12, song titles are offset by one, and "Memo from Human Resources" is not listed.


12. I'm Impressed (actually Memo from Human Resources) 13. Damn Good Times (actually I'm Impressed) 14. Climbing the Walls (actually Damn Good Times) 15. Twisting (Climbing the Walls) 16. Mammal (Twisting) 17. The Mesopotamians (Mammal)

The Mesopotamians is track 26

18. Mr. Me is correctly named

Also, as it turns out...

Lionel Barrymore is NOT buried "in the ground".

What a jokester that Lionel is!



HAHA, my buddy was the obnoxious fan requesting the crap out of Apollo 18, I apologize on his behalf, we were both a lot drunker than we realized.

And I was the one holding up the vinyl copy of The Else, that thing was warped by the end of the night.

Jon E =O)

Clayton S. Chan:

This show got me and a couple of my friends into Oppenheimer. We all bought CDs after the show. In addition, I happened to be walking out to my car in the parking lot at just the right time to run into Danny Weinkauf and Dan Miller. The two of them were gracious enough to take a photo with me, and it has remained the wallpaper for my iPhone until this day.