Guitar Tab:Don't I Have The Right?

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Don't I Have The Right?
By: Mono Puff
Key: D Major
Year: 1996
Tabbed By: No Mo
D                G            D           G
You sure weren't rich. Didn't live in the city.
      Em              G               Em          G
Never whispered sweet nothings. Never told me I'm pretty.
    G            Em              G             Em
You sure weren't perfect. What's perfect these days?
        G            Em     A
But you left me, now I'm destroyed.
    D          G         D             G
You cheated at cards and lied when you hung out
   Em          G               Em               G
In bars making time with those girls you called old pals
  G              Em               G         Em
I cried when you left me, now I'm wondering when 
       G           Em    A      A7
You'll make it all up to me?
      D          F#m/C#      C6       Bm
Don't I have the right to be over you yet?
D             F#m/C#        C6         B7
I've tried pretending. I've tried to forget.
            Em         D/F#       G             D/A
Though it's past three AM I would still let you in
         G           D/F#      A     A7
'Cause I can't go on dreaming alone.
D            G        D            G
I work at my desk and stare at the letter
    Em           G              Em        G
And think of the first one that you never answered.
     G          Em         G        Em
Pour milk in my coffee and watch it explode
    G                Em        A   A7
And know that you're doing the same.
      D          F#m/C#      C6        Bm
Don't I have the right to be over this fling?
    D             F#m/C#       C6           B7
You once said you loved me, we talked about rings.
        Em          D/F#        G             D/A
I would try someone new if that someone would love me 
    G   Am  Amb5  B7
The way you did
      D           A          Bm     G
Don't I have the right to be loved? 
      D      G
To be loved 
      D      G      D
To be loved