Mark Lerner

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Mark Lerner (right) with Dan Miller and Heidi Swedberg
Lerner with Life In A Blender

Mark Lerner was the bass player for John Linnell's touring band, The Statesmen, and also appeared on several songs of Linnell's State Songs album.

Lerner also has another connection with They Might Be Giants. His band Flat Old World (of which Robin Goldwasser was also a member) released an EP under John Flansburgh's Hello CD Of The Month Club. From a Hello newsletter from Flansburgh for the summer of 1993:

A Manhattan-based band, Flat Old World uses traditional American folk songs as a very personal springboard for their bands sound. Familiar themes take on new life with their strange, slowed down take on the popular song. The band arrangements feature a wide variety of acoustic and electric instruments, including the ever popular tuba, at the capable hands of "Tuba" Jones. Listeners will be immediately struck by the beautiful voice of Nancy Lynn-Howell. Breaking with our beautiful generic sleeve design, band leader Mark Lerner also designed and printed the cover and for their Hello offering. Their first edition where actually printed by hand by Mr. Lerner himself.

Nowadays, you can find Lerner playing bass in the Brooklyn-based band Life In A Blender.

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