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Fan Recaps and Comments:


I missed the beginning of this show because I missed the bus I was supposed to take to Vancouver. I was extremely disappointed but I managed to make it there for an hour and a half of it which I think was most of it, so at least there was that.
Before "Nanobots," they did some goofing around with "Robot Flansburgh"(Flans's vocal effect on his mic). Then after "Cloisonne," Flans said, "It's always nice to be in places not as creepy as the last place we played in."
Next was "Icky," and Flans said it featured "Dan Miller on the breathalyzer" (meaning the melodica). "Icky" was superfun live--I'm glad they decided to start playing it.
I was REALLY excited to see "Turn Around" and "Puppet Head" again because those are a couple of my very favourite songs and I'd only seen them once before. And, of course, seeing John being sexy with his accordion is always welcome.
When the Avatars were setting up the band was playing "Eye of the Tiger" and the Blue Avatar was saying stuff about how great it was "to be here in Town Name Here."
Before "The Mesopotamians" John said, "This is about an ancient near-Eastern rock band...which actually existed in my fantasy life."
I hadn't seen "Fingertips" in a really long time so that was fun to see. Flans did the "Girl you know it's true" on "having a heart attack."
"The Guitar" is always an absolute highlight of course. And John was ADORABLE bouncing.
The encore songs were all superfun (though it was a little strange seeing a song about an American president in Canada). "The End of the Tour" was a HUGE highlight for me because I'd never seen it before and it's one of my absolute favourite songs. It was every bit as beautiful live as I'd expected. It was a wonderful way to end he show.