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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Dan Miller was not present at this show.


JoCo opened the show with his band (Brandon Patton on bass & Christian Cassan on drums). His set featured, in no particular order, Mr. Fancy Pants (his Zendrum partially failed mid-song which led to an improvised remix), Code Monkeys, Shop Vac, Still Alive, Je Suis Rick Springfield (live debut), Artificial Heart, Sticking It To Myself, Sucker Punch, and I Feel Fantastic.
TMBG gave us an amazing show considering the absence of Dan Miller (Flans & Linnell covered his parts). The people won over the apes. False starts on Hollywood (when Flans forgot the key of the song) and Dead (when Linnell screwed up the lyrics of the first verse). Lots of great banter and audience interaction.