Epic Fail Baloney Sandwiches Jingle

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song name Epic Fail Baloney Sandwiches
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Unreleased
year 2011
first played September 22, 2011 (10 known performances)
run time Clock.png This unreleased song has only been played live,
and therefore has no definitive run time.
sung by The Avatars Of They


  • At shows on the first 2011 leg of the Join Us tour, The Avatars Of They would often thank their corporate sponsors, Epic Fail Baloney Sandwiches, providers of stale bread and three-day-old baloney. This song is the company's promotional jingle.
  • Though the core lyrics remained the same, the year of Epic Fail's incorporation, as stated in the jingle, would often change from show to show.

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  • Watch it on Youtube.png - "Now with more Meg Ryan!"

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