Power Of Dial-A-Song II: More Power To You

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This compilation is a sequel to the Power Of Dial-A-Song. It is a series of bootleg Dial-A-Song recordings.

I. Unreleased Songs We Missed The First Time[edit]
  1. The Power Of They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song (Version 2)
  2. Coffee Table Of Love
  3. Side 2
  4. Reminder
II. New Unreleased Dial-A-Songs[edit]
  1. Rat Patrol (Dial-A-Song)
  2. Car Without A Handle
  3. When Tornadoes Take Over The World
  4. Feel Good Sublet
  5. Two People In Love
III. Demos For Released Songs[edit]
  1. Welcome To The World
  2. Road Movie To Berlin (Dial-A-Song)
  3. Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love (Dial-A-Song)
  4. Lie Still, Little Bottle (Dial-A-Song)
  5. Your Racist Friend (Dial-A-Song Version 2)
  6. Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal (Dial-A-Song 2)
  7. Santa's Beard (Dial-A-Song)
  8. Flans Knitting Factory performance promo (with Ant music in background at start)
  9. I've Got A Match (Dial-A-Song)
  10. Cabbagetown (Demo)
  11. If I Wasn't Shy (Dial-A-Song)
  12. Hall Of Heads (Dial-A-Song)
  13. Stormy Pinkness (Dial-A-Song)
  14. Women & Men (Dial-A-Song)
  15. Free Bird's Rebirth (Version 2)
  16. See The Constellation (Dial-A-Song Version 2)
  17. Twisting (Remix)
  18. Spider (Dial-A-Song)
  19. A TMBG Song
  20. She's Actual Size (Demo 1)
  21. Hypnotist Of Ladies (Dial-A-Song)
  22. Mammal (Dial-A-Song)
  23. She's Actual Size (Demo 2)
  24. Live Like Pigs
  25. Dead (Dial-A-Song)
  26. Siftin' (Dial-A-Song)
  27. Lullaby To Nightmares (Dial-A-Song)
  28. Whirlpool (Dial-A-Song)
  29. Snail Dust (Demo 2)
  30. Dirt Bike (Dial-A-Song)
  31. The End Of The Tour (Dial-A-Song)
  32. Ondine (with embedded 'Ronald Milhouse President' "amnesty for impersonators" intro and "Bubble-essence" outro)
  33. Sleeping In The Flowers (Dial-A-Song 2)
  34. Spiraling Shape (Dial-A-Song)
  35. Your Own Worst Enemy (Dial-A-Song)
IV. Mono Puff Demos[edit]
  1. So Long, Mockingbird (Dial-A-Song)
  2. What Bothers The Spaceman? (Dial-A-Song)
  3. Nixon's The One (Dial-A-Song)
  4. Don't I Have The Right? (Dial-A-Song 2)
V. I Palindrome I[edit]
  1. I Palindrome I (Dial-A-Song 2)