Lyrics:Stormy Pinkness (Dial-A-Song)

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Stormy Pinkness (Dial-A-Song)
By: They Might Be Giants

Stormy pinkness Human weakness Fills my Johnny Cup with gloom

Your progression My digression Forty days this afternoon

The things we cherish are small indeed So much the larger the need Stormy pinkness Let me thanklessly free

Flansburgh message from the late-1980s: Hello, this is John of They Might Be Giants. Thank you all for calling They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song service. Call back tomorrow for a new song, And we'd like to remind you that this is a regular long-distance phone call, And that nobody's making any money, except the phone company. And umm, call back again tomorrow. And we hope to see you, we'll be performing at the end of February sometime in New York, And in DC and Philadelphia, and other places as well. Thank you very much, call back again, bye-bye.