Lyrics:Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love (Dial-A-Song)

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Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love (Dial-A-Song)
By: They Might Be Giants

The pistol shots Gun shots The pistol shots Gun shots

Bullets from a revolver Bullets from a gun Bullets through the atmosphere Here they come

John, I've been bad And they're coming after me Done someone wrong And I fear that it was me

Those sapphire bullets Bullets of pure love

Sapphire bullets Bullets of pure love (bullets of pure love)

Here come the bullets Here come the bullets

Flansburgh message from the late-1980s: Hi, this is John of They Might Be Giants, thank you for calling our Dial-A-Song service, Call back tomorrow for a new song. Thank you for calling, and remember we are playing in your hometown very soon, So call back again. Adios.