Mind Control, Hypnotism

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Songs about someone or something controlling, reading, or changing someone else's mind.

Central theme[edit]

Briefly mentioned[edit]

  • (She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future - "She amputated my resistance with her mind warp"
  • Apophenia - "Picture of a hunched old lady holding a dog and / Telling you what to do / Seemingly random arrangement of turbid material / Telling you what to do"
  • Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth - "dread hypnotic flying", "hypnotizing tractor beam"
  • Burnice - "Some say your mind's been transplanted"
  • Cyclops Rock - "And mess up my Cyclops mind"
  • The Darlings Of Lumberland - "Drag you by the mind, now you're under their command"
  • Flo Wheeler - "Orange barrels put me in a trance"
  • Gigantor Intro - "He's at your command"
  • Hodgman Promo 3 - "a Portuguese hypnotist"
  • I Need Some Lovin' - "The radios that tune in to read my mind"
  • Lake Monsters - "No hypnosis like a mass hypnosis, Cause a mass hypnosis isn't happenin'"
  • Moonbeam Rays - "Half asleep and brainwashed / Like shaking off a curse"
  • Mr. Tambourine Man - "Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin' ship / My senses have been stripped", "Cast your dancing spell my way / I promise to go under it"
  • Narrow Your Eyes - "I don't want to change your mind"
  • No Cops - "Just listen and comply"
  • Ooh La! Ooh La! - "Music takes your mind into a trance"
  • Piece Of Dirt - "A woman's voice on the radio can convince you you're in love/A woman's voice on the telephone can convince you you're alone"; "I find myself haunted by a spooky man named me"
  • Prevenge - "Read my mind"
  • Quit The Circus - "You hijack my thoughts, Every single night"
  • Reprehensible - "A voice is speaking...I can't ignore it/Although I try/The intrusive whisper fascinates me"
  • She's Actual Size - "I thought I was big once; she changed my mind"
  • So Long, Mockingbird - "I can read your mind"
  • Tractor - "Shooting mesmeric glances"
  • Unctuous Robot - "Inside me there's a smaller man at the controls"
  • Unpronounceable - "Stare at the static long enough / You’ll be hypnotized / Be hypnotized"
  • Vote Or Don't - "Vote, although there's something I could tell you / You might vote for someone else, and I might want to change your mind"
  • You Don't Like Me - "I know what you're thinking / I can read your mind"

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