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Girlie Action is a music marketing agency founded in 1994, primarily representing alternative American artists. The company currently manages publicity and other promotions for They Might Be Giants. Girlie Action is responsible for creating and distributing press releases for the band's albums and compilations, in addition to handling radio, print, and web marketing. In 2007, the agency conducted an interview with John Linnell and John Flansburgh.

In 2011, Girlie Action began "label" services, manufacturing and distributing releases for some of its artists. A promo for Nanobots was issued by Girlie Action in January 2013.

Other Girlie Action clients have included The Cure, Tori Amos, Architecture in Helsinki, and Pussy Riot. On its website, Girlie Action list TMBG as one of its notable "innovative yet popular" clients.

Press releases[edit]

Girlie Action has distributed press releases for many of TMBG's recent releases.

Release Press release Date Notes
The Else Girlie Action May 2007 Interview May 2007 Acts as a de facto press release, containing press material as an intro
Here Come The 123s Here Come The 123s/Press Release 2008 Also advertises The Sims 2: FreeTime
Here Comes Science Here Comes Science/Press Release 2009
Join Us Join Us/Press Release April 2011
Album Raises New And Troubling Questions Album Raises New And Troubling Questions/Press Release October 2011 Includes track listing and tour dates
Nanobots Nanobots/Press Release December 2012 Includes tour dates
Nanobots EP / Nanobots Nanobots EP/Press Release January 2013 Includes tour dates
Idlewild See article April 2014
Dial-A-Song 2015 service / compilation December 2014 Advertises monthly Brooklyn shows for 2015

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