Don't Let's Start (Podcast)

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Don't Let's Start: A Podcast About They Might Be Giants is an audio podcast that began in 2018, hosted by Jordan Cooper and Dave Fox. The podcasters have stated "in addition to critique, the podcast aims to be a scholarly and intensely researched documentary on TMBG's entire career, yet with a large emphasis on humor and the friendship between the two hosts."

Each episode typically focuses on a They Might Be Giants release in chronological order, with multiple episodes to cover each album and their subsequent B-sides, remixes and demos. Recurring "Grab Bag" episodes cover unreleased and rare TMBG songs. The podcast has also had interview episodes with Bill Krauss, Brian Doherty, Joshua Fried and other TMBG collaborators.

In addition to personal fandom anecdotes, discussions primarily revolve around both factual and theoretical insights on the songs, especially examining the cultural references that are often obliquely embedded in TMBG's music and lyrics. The show frequently utilizes audio clips culled from archived live shows and interviews, relevant to the discussions in each episode. Topics are often brought back and revised in later episodes as more information is found through further research.

Additional segments include "Letterbox", which are responses to listener emails, and "Unrelated Thing", covering non-TMBG media. TMBG news and updates are also brought up as they happen at the start of episodes.

In 2020, Dave and Jordan began posting segments of the podcast on YouTube, with images and video relevant to each episode, including video clips.

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