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Bill Krauss and John Flansburgh at Darinka, 1985.
Bill Krauss and John Linnell, 1987.

Bill Krauss was a former member of They Might Be Giants, who worked as the soundman for the band’s releases and live shows from 1983 to 1988. He produced the 1985 Demo Tape, They Might Be Giants and Lincoln during his time with the band. Sometime after Lincoln, They Might Be Giants and Bill Krauss parted ways.

Bill Krauss first met John Flansburgh in Antioch, where he was in a band called the Functionaires with Flansburgh and Linnell’s high school friend Dan Spock, who also performed with Flansburgh in a band called The Blackouts. The band got Flansburgh to record their first demo on a four-track machine.[1] When Bill Krauss left school, he moved to Brooklyn, becoming friends with Flansburgh through Dan Spock and meeting John Linnell for the first time in the band's apartment building.[2] In 1983, Bill Krauss went to see They Might Be Giants perform one of their first shows at Dr. B's,[3] and sometime after the show, Bill Krauss started working with the band, with their first show being at CBGB.[4]

Before the band, he and John Flansburgh were friends and would occasionally do various art projects and practical jokes together, including a self-released art zine called Art In Context in 1985.

Sometime after Lincoln was made, Bill Krauss left the band. This may have had to do with Bill’s hatred of crowds, something he mentioned in a 1994 interview with Myke Weiskopf: "One of the reasons that I had to stop touring was that I hate crowds. And the more successful the band got, the more crowded things were, the more annoying it was."

Outside of work with They Might Be Giants, he has produced the Jickets' Hello CD Of The Month Club album and the soundtrack for their animated film, Shimmelsteen.[5] He also produced albums for The Ordinaires and Pinhead, and also did mixing for other groups like Otis Ball, as well as various recordings for karaoke machines. After working in web and graphic design, technical and fiction writing, acting, voice-overs, and photography, he has been doing software design and development since 2008.

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