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Bill Krauss is mostly known for his work with They Might Be Giants. In the early days of their career, he was their soundman and produced many of their early releases, including the 1985 Demo Tape, They Might Be Giants and Lincoln. Sometime after Lincoln, They Might Be Giants and Bill Krauss parted ways.

Before the band, he and John Flansburgh were friends and would occasionally do various art projects and practical jokes together, including a self-released art zine called Art In Context in 1985.

Outside of work with They Might Be Giants, he has produced The Jickets' Hello CD Of The Month Club album, plus albums for The Ordinaires and Pinhead, done mixing for those and other groups like Otis Ball, and various recordings for karaoke machines. After working in web and graphic design, technical and fiction writing, acting, voice-overs, and photography, he has been doing software design and development since 2008.

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