Margaret Seiler

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Margaret Seiler was an early girlfriend of John Flansburgh. She introduced him to Glenn Morrow of Bar/None Records, who would go on to sign TMBG to the label. According to Myke Weiskopf's Early Years Handbook, Seiler got Morrow interested in the band by giving him a copy of the 1985 Demo Tape.

In a 2018 podcast interview, Morrow recalled:

I was in Tompkins Square Park, and I ran into a woman I knew from high school, and she was John Flansburgh's girlfriend. And she introduced me. At that point they had flexi-discs that they were hammering to telephone poles as a way to promote themselves.

Seiler sang "Boat Of Car," and was asked to sing what would wind up being Laura Cantrell's parts on "The Guitar," but wasn't available.

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