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Dan Miller did not play at this show.

Jason DeLima:

Even if Dan Miller wasn't there, it was still quite an amazing show.
It was an hour and a half drive from Middletown, NY to Fairfield, CT, but it ended up being a two hour drive because of the crazy traffic. The University was IDing every single car that came in. However, we told security we were going to the concert, and we weren't ID'd. I got to the actual venue a half hour before the show, and only five people were in the lobby. One of the employees was freaking out and yelling at the management because one of his directors was stuck in the traffic. Upon entering the theatre, we also got word that the Johns were stuck in the traffic, and the show was delayed a half hour for that. It didn't bother me, because TMBG almost never starts their rock shows on time. ;)
I got a front row seat, so close I could put my feet on the stage from my seat. The show was a huge mixture of the amazing hits and super rare songs. I was very ecstatic to hear songs like The Guitar, New York City, and Birdhouse In Your Soul. But to my pleasant surprise, they busted out gems like Spy, Turn Around, Au Contraire, and Meet James Ensor, songs I haven't heard before, and songs I'm sure they haven't played in a while. This led to a very satisfying show. VERY satisfying. I had a super great time, even if half the time I was just making fun of the traffic. I also accidentally knocked over a speaker at the very start of Ana Ng because I got so excited. Huge apologies to the venue and the band if they even noticed.
Marty's electronic kit and Dan Miller's keyboard weren't on the stage tonight. Why? Dan Miller wasn't at the show. Flansy brought light to it, but they didn't explain why. I heard his wife was having a baby and might have went into labor in between the kids show and this one. I also yelled, "I love you John Flansburgh!" at Flansy, and he replied with, "I love you too dude.", and proceeded to say he wanted to tell every single person in the audience how much he loves them as well. TMBG also claimed it was an all album show, but they would omit one album, and if anyone could guess the album, to @ reply Kanye West on Twitter with the album missing, and they would get a prize. Also, the Avatar colors on the screen were reversed, due to a RGB misfunction in the projector, Linnell was blue and Flansy was green. Complete with Meg Ryan.
Also, I wore a Green Day t-shirt to the show with the mindset that no one at the show would probably even like Green Day. I saw someone else with a t-shirt from the 21st Century Breakdown tour. Yeah!
After the show, Curt Ramm came straight to me and gave me his setlist, complete with the duct tape still on it. Thank you so much Curt!
If anybody saw me at the show, white tshirt, black undershirt, brown pants, black hair, jumping up and down half the time throwing confetti at every cymbal crash, say hi! Though I don't expect anybody to because almost nobody has. :D
And with that being said, even if it was only three shows, this 2010 year of TMBG was truly a blast. John, John, Marty, Dan, Danny, Curt, Stan, if you're reading this, thank you guys so much. You're the best, and I cannot wait for future shows and the brand new album. :D <3


We got stuck in traffic, so we arrived a bit late, but so did tmbg, so that turned out ok!
The show started at some time that was not 8:00, before which foam fingers were tossed around willy nilly and the fire exits were announced over the loudspeaker, with visual aids by tdk (+ foam fingers). So then the show started, yaaay! Before "cowtown" there was a brief introduction for the clarinets. Staniel played a fancy solo type thing, and then Linnell played some unidentified note. It was very impressive. During the show it was pointed out by Flans that Dan Miller was absent, to which I replied "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HIS BODY" somewhat louder than I had intended, and apparently people heard me. (Before Asbury, I asked where Dan was again, which I admit was obnoxious because it was entirely irrelevant.) "Canajoharie" was...exactly the same as it has been. But it was fun to see Linnell be confused about people knowing the words. "Turn Around" was kind of amazing in every way, it makes me sad that I probably won't hear it live again, or if I do, it won't be any time soon. "Spy" was very enjoyable, towards the end, Linnell moved away from his keyboard and "conducted" the band, and later on, the audience, too. oh look, a video. The confetti cannon was fired liberally, I think two or three times. It was a good show, with lots of things I can't remember at all that were totally awesome. It was nice that Flans was able to NOT BE A TOTAL SISSY AND PLAY THE GUITAR WITHOUT DAN. The lack of Dan gave the stage a kind of nice, modest feel.
Afterward, a bunch of folks waited around for them to throw setlists at us; I ended up not getting one because I was being annoying. But I said hello to Jason and Lekker (or at least, I assume it was lekker, it looked like lekker, and she waved when I said "hi, lekker"). I also got my hands on one of those spiffy shirts that they sell.