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this adventure is best enjoyed in comforting mono

pst. watch my band's music video, okay?

YOU are some 18-year-old girl. People around these parts usually call you APOLLO. That might be like the GRECO-ROMAN DEITY or like the NASA PROGRAMME. You like THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, WIKIS, and BEING ON THE INTERNET. This has culminated in the fact that you can DELETE PAGES on this wiki (verify). And that you make Wikipedia references like that one. Maybe your OLD USERPAGE was better? When you're not being a huge goofball, you sometimes play an assortment of INSTRUMENTS, including bass, guitar, ukulele, accordion, melodica, glockenspiel, and autoharp. When no one is at home you even try your hand at SINGING. But we'll keep that between ourselves. When you and your GIRLFRIEND make music into a small box that picks up the music off the ground, you THROW IT UP ON THE WEB. But usually you just LISTEN. You currently attend SMITH COLLEGE in MASSACHUSETTS, where you are getting an undergraduate degree in UNDECIDED. You are probably one of the most UNHIP people I've ever met, which explains why your CASUAL DICTION includes words like "groovy", "hip", "rad", and "neat".

You also enjoy LATIN, PUNS, and THOUGHT. You purchase MORE BOOKS THAN YOU NEED on a regular basis, but that's ok because you do not have much other reason to spend your INCOME. The source of your income is WEB DEVELOPMENT FOR SMALL STARTUP COMPANIES. Sometimes you buy RECORDS and other audio media produced by bands like TALKING HEADS, ST. VINCENT, and OPPENHEIMER. You have an unwieldy and inexplicable love of CASSETTES. Your full collection is conveniently catalogued on DISCOGS.

What will you do?

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