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Fan Recaps and Comments:

I loved the show. If someone with connections could talk to the Johns about coming over to Utah more often. Does anyone have an mp3 of the show? This is like the only one that TMBG isn't selling on Their website. Great show, though. Edit: I emailed TMBDownloads and they said that there was a problem with that night's recording. Now, even more, I am hoping that someone has a bootleg to send to me. ~~Frood

An excellent show. My only disapointments were that they didn't play "Absolutly Bill's Mood" or "Why does the Sun shine?". Flans is incredibly energentic, and Linnell is equally cool.

I've been a fan all my life but never been to a show...until this one. It was most excellent. I agree that they do need to come to Utah more. Anyone who was at the show can tell you that they have the fanbase here. Its crazy.

I can't believe these blokes came to my (tiny) hometown. I indeed recorded this show, and it turned out "ok". I'd be happy to help someone get their hands on it. I previously offered it at DimeADozen the day after the show. Maybe a trade? Anyway, it was my first and only TMBG show. I was somewhat displeased with it. The show was fun, but the performance quality was less than what I expected. Flansburgh's vocals were notably poor. EdBanky 20:59, 11 Jun 2006 (MDT)

This was by far my favorite TMBG show! Contributing factors include that it was a beautiful evening, we were outdoors, and it was my first TMBG concert with my daughter! At the time she was 5 and loves TMBG music! I agree with the above that TMBG need to come to Utah more. And they need to do more family friendly shows. My 3 kids are very disappointed that they cannot go with me to tonight’s show (9/21/07 it is at a club see my comments on that show). I would also be interested in a audio copy of this show.