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Richard Nixon's Free Tunes is a service where every few months, a new, rare, or live song would be released from the band to be downloaded for free! The MP3 links require a password, viewable after signing up for They Might Be Giants' MP3 & Info Club at

The Free Tunes page itself can be seen at However, no songs have been posted to the website since late 2007, possibly due to its deprecation via the They Might Be Giants Podcast. Although still available, the service is dormant, and functionally discontinued.

In 2012, TMBG released three free MP3s via e-mail.

Mailing List (2012)[edit]

Free Tunes (2003-2007)[edit]

Here are all of the songs known to have been featured on the Free Tunes page, with the newest and current MP3s at the top: Free MP3s[edit]


These songs were available on the free MP3s page on between 2002 and 2003:


In 2006, posted a few more free MP3s:

Samples from the website's recorded live shows[edit]

MP3 samples of TMBG live shows were posted at the store until the downloads were taken offline in 2009. Often, TMBG offered an entire song as a sample. The following table lists the samples for each show. Show dates and locations are shown as on the shows page. Bold shows had samples containing entire songs.

Date Location Title and Details
7/2/04 Columbus, OH "Doctor Worm" 16 second clip
7/4/04 Chicago, IL "Clap Your Hands" 15 second clip
7/7/04 Madison, WI "She's An Angel" 22 second clip
7/9/04 Minneapolis, MN "New York City" 18 second clip
7/11/04 Omaha, NE * "Sokol Auditorium (Omaha)" 29 second clip
7/13/04 Columbia, MO "Ana Ng" 20 second clip
7/14/04 St. Louis, MO "Fingertips" 28 second clip
7/16/04 Austin, TX "The Future Of Sound" 28 second clip, presumably from the end of "The Guitar", which was played at the show but does not seem to be on the track list.
7/17/04 Dallas, TX "Invisible MP3" 44 second clip, Flans talks about Free MP3 service
7/18/04 Dallas, TX "Mammal" 31 second clip, includes spoken introduction
7/22/04 Memphis, TN No sample available.
7/23/04 Nashville, TN "Damn Good Times" 28 second clip
7/24/04 Washington, DC "Birdhouse In Your Soul" 38 second clip
7/25/04 Pittsburgh, PA "I Palindrome I" 28 second clip
7/29/04 Asbury Park, NJ "Damn Good Times" 33 second clip
7/30/04 Brooklyn, NY "I Palindrome I" 39 second clip
8/12/04 Vancouver, BC ** "Richard's On Richards (Vancouver)" 24 second clip
8/13/04 Portland, OR "The End Of The Tour" 34 second clip
8/14/04 San Francisco, CA "The Fillmore (San Francisco)" 19 second clip
8/15/04 Santa Cruz, CA "Robot Parade" 23 second clip
8/20/04 Tuscon, AZ "Wearing A Raincoat" 2 minute 24 second clip, followed by "Clap Your Hands" 28 second clip
8/22/04 USC, CA No sample available.
9/06/04 Glasgow, UK *** "The Guitar" 1 minute 5 second clip, with chorus from Biz Markie's "Just A Friend, which quotes Freddie Scott's "(You) Got What I Need"
9/08/04 Leeds, UK "Damn Good Times" 1 minute 12 second clip
9/09/04 London, UK "She's An Angel" 2 minute 6 second clip
9/17/04 Albany, NY "She's An Angel" 58 second clip
9/18/04 Boston, MA "Improv Avalon Tune" 1 minute 5 second clip. FULL SONG, but not the entire purchaseable track.
9/22/04 New Haven, CT No sample available.
9/23/04 Towson, MD No sample available.
9/25/04 Atlanta, GA "Get By With A Little Help" featuring Homestar Runner, soundcheck version. 35 second clip
9/26/04 Charleston, SC "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" 1 minute 4 second clip
9/27/04 Raleigh, NC No sample available.
9/28/04 Asheville, NC "Ana Ng" 37 second clip
9/30/04 Philadelphia, PA "Birdhouse In Your Soul" 30 second clip, actually the sample for the 7/23/05 show
10/1/04 New York, NY "No One Knows My Plan" 36 second clip
10/2/04 New York, NY No sample available.
3/26/05 San Diego, CA "Dr. Worm" 32 second clip
5/13/05 Asbury Park, NJ "The Stone Pony (Asbury Park)" with intro by Sarah Vowell. ENTIRE TRACK!
7/09/05 Boulder, CO "The Stone Pony (Asbury Park)" with intro by John Linnell. ENTIRE TRACK!
7/10/05 Boulder, CO "In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle" 34 second clip
7/12/05 St. Louis, MO "Fingertips" 28 second clip
7/13/05 Indianapolis, IN No sample available.
7/14/05 Detroit, MI No sample available.
7/22/05 Louisville, KY "Snail Shell" 33 second clip
7/23/05 Philly, PA "Birdhouse In Your Soul" 30 second clip
11/03/05 San Francisco, CA "Memo To Human Resources" 32 second clip
11/04/05 San Francisco, CA "Fingertips" 13 second clip
11/05/05 Eugene, OR "Richards On Richard's (Vancouver)" 28 second clip
11/06/05 Portland, OR "The Stone Pony (Asbury Park)" 30 second clip
11/07/05 Seattle, WA "Bastard Wants To Hit Me" 30 second clip
12/31/05 Brooklyn, NY - early "Snail Shell" 52 second clip
12/31/05 Brooklyn, NY - late "Band Intros" 34 second clip
7.18.07 NYC, NY "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" 22 second clip
7.20.07 Lancaster, PA "It's Not My Birthday" 29 second clip
7.21.07 Cleveland, OH "They Got Lost" 32 second clip
7.22.07 Detroit, MI "Particle Man" 30 second clip
7.23.07 Toronto, CA "Fingertips" 19 second clip
7.25.08 [sic] NYC, NY "With The Dark" 22 second clip, actually from the 8.08.08 [sic] show
7.28.07 CT "XTC Vs. Adam Ant" 26 second clip
8.01.07 NYC, NY "Whistling In The Dark" ENTIRE TRACK!
8.08.08 [sic] NYC, NY "Phone Calls From The Dead" 23 second clip, actually from the 7.25.08 [sic] show
9.15.07 St. Louis, MO "Spider" ENTIRE TRACK!
9.17.07 Minneapolis, MN No sample available.
9.20.07 Boulder, CO No sample or show available.
9.21.07 Salt Lake City, UT "Older" ENTIRE TRACK!
9.22.07 Boise, ID "Memo To Human Resources" ENTIRE TRACK!
9.25.07 Vancouver, BC "Graveyard" ENTIRE TRACK!
9.29.07 Santa Cruz, CA "Graveyard" ENTIRE TRACK! This is actually from the 9/12/07 Baltimore show, which is listed as 10.12.07.
9.30.07 San Francisco, CA "The Fillmore (San Francisco)" ENTIRE TRACK!
10.03.07 Hollywood, CA "Meet James Ensor" ENTIRE TRACK, plus sample cover art for this show
10.06.07 Tucson, AZ "Drink!" ENTIRE TRACK!
10.12.07 [sic] Baltimore, MD "Graveyard" ENTIRE TRACK! This show and its sample were actually on 9/12/07. This the same file as the sample given for the 9.29.07 Santa Cruz show.
10.18.07 New Haven, CT "Alphabet Of Nations" 36 second clip
10.19.07 Boston, MA "Alphabet Of Nations" 33 second clip
10.20.07 Northampton, MA "Ant" 30 second clip
10.26.07 Durham, NC "In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle" 30 second clip
10.27.07 Asheville, NC "New York City" 30 second clip
10.28.07 Charlotte, NC "With The Dark" 29 second clip
11.01.07 Athens, GA "The Stone Pony (Asbury Park)" 44 second clip
11.02.07 Atlanta, GA "30 Second Boss Of Me" ENTIRE TRACK!
11.07.07 Columbus, OH "Birdhouse In Your Soul" 34 second clip
11.08.07 Indianapolis, IN "Whistling In The Dark" 32 second clip
11.09.07 Milwaukee, WI "Alphabet Of Nations" 34 second clip
11.10.07 Chicago, IL "Withered Hope" 34 second clip
11.23.07 Washington, DC "Whistling In The Dark" 30 second clip
11.24.07 Philadelphia, PA "The Mesopotamians" 31 second clip

* The band reprised this song at various points in the concert, according to Dan Miller's notes. Someone should check to see which performance this is.

** They played the song twice during this show. Someone should check to see which performance this is.

*** This song doesn't appear to be on the set list. It may be from a different show.

Early Dial-A-Song Online[edit]


From the creation of the original in 1997 up until 2000, TMBG ran a little Dial-A-Song page that was updated every few months with some new (and old) music.

Quicktime era (the pre-Flash days of

WAV era (at the old page):