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Mono Puff
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Mono Puff is one of John Flansburgh's side projects. They've released a handful of recordings to date, have toured a number of times, and have shot one music video. Mono Puff hasn't broken up, but they haven't released any music since 1998 and they aren't working on anything new at present. Mono Puff's primary obstacle is the fact that founding member Hal Cragin lives on the west coast.

Flansburgh explains where the name "Mono Puff" came from in a 1997 interview with The Tech:

"The name comes from an experience I had at the John Coltrane Church in San Francisco. There was a little girl there with a single puff of hair in a perfect circle on top of her head, and I thought if it had a name it would be called a monopuff."


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