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Current home page, captured in October 2014, maintained by The Hornblow Group, is the official website for They Might Be Giants.

History[edit | edit source]

Current site[edit | edit source]

The site saw a largely minimalist, grayscale redesign in fall 2014. The band's online MerchDirect store was incorporated into the site's general layout shortly following its introduction. The merch store was also largely reduced. In addition to removing out-of-stock items, the new store has recataloged all products, and individual tracks are no longer available for purchase from the download store.

2009 – 2014[edit | edit source]

The site received an overhaul in August 2009, with design courtesy of The Chopping Block. The redesigned site kept the blog feature that was introduced in 2007 and also introduced an online Merch Store, which was moved to MerchDirect. The store was also given the Chopping Block motif of the redesigned site. The store includes physical and digital releases, apparel, and other merchandise that was previously available in the now-defunct TMBG Merchandise Store.

Shortly after the redesigned site was launched, was made to redirect to the

2007 – 2009[edit | edit source]

In June 2007, the site was updated with a blog-style news section featuring music videos from the band's YouTube account, as well as a prominently displayed section for upcoming shows. A search function was also added, along with an Other Links section that features multiple TMBG hotspots on the web (including This Might Be A Wiki!).

During this period, the site was the home of the official TMBG Download Store where dozens of live shows and albums could be downloaded straight from the band, for $9.99 an album/show (MP3), or $11.99 for an album in FLAC. Downloadable shows included artwork, an occasional setlist image, and a short write-up by Dan Miller about the performance.

Older[edit | edit source]

Previous iterations of the site included news pages and a page for free MP3s in 2003 that featured the occasional remix or demo (Damn Good Times had premiered in demo form on this site). A few MP3s were featured occasionally in 2006 and 2007, but a page has not been dedicated to them like's Free Tunes page.

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