Feast Of Lights

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song name Feast of Lights
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Festival Of Light 2, Dial-A-Song, TMBG Unlimited - December, They Might Be Giants In Holidayland, theymightbegiants.com Free MP3s, TMBG Clock Radio, Podcast 11A
year 1999
first played December 15, 2006 (2 known performances)
run time 2:35
sung by John Linnell


  • This song features a toy piano.
  • When played live in 2006, Linnell changed the lyric "I got you a harmonica and a bag of chocolate coins" to "We'll listen to electronica and we'll pass the chocolate coins" in the first verse and "Just you and me and Monica and a bag of chocolate coins" in the second.

Song Themes

Food, Holidays, Music, Religion, Supernatural, Telecommunication, Violence


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