Let's Get This Over With

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song name Let's Get This Over With
artist They Might Be Giants
releases I Like Fun
year 2017
run time 3:07
sung by John Linnell


  • Originally titled "After All the Spelling Mistakes".
  • John Flansburgh: "While They Might Be Giants have overdubbed handclaps organically many times as we finish a recording, a lot of times the fake claps on the demo is actually something we don’t mess with. Such is the case with the opening track of our new album, “Let’s Get This Over With”, which features a very small set of claps going against an 808-style kick drum. It’s tiny and relentless, but it keeps the groove moving" (Consequence of Sound, 2018).

Song Themes

Accidents, Animals, Dancing, Food, Hair, Hands, I Am, Misanthropy, Music, Occupations, Questions, Recursion, References To Other Songs Or Musicians, Sleep, Songs With Handclaps, Space, Time


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