I Left My Body

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Music video for "I Left My Body"

song name I Left My Body
artist They Might Be Giants
releases I Like Fun
year 2017
run time 2:36
sung by John Linnell


The recording was pretty straightforward, although the guitar tracking for no good reason was kind of rough. I am well aware of the expression "It's a poor workman who blames his tools," but we didn’t have a ton of equipment in the studio at various times. When the call was made to record the guitars, I only had my pretty thrashed back-up telecaster that lived at the studio available. I figured out as we went along that guitar was essentially un-tunable so there was a lot of odd compensating in the way I played it just to not have it sound like a solid wall of sour notes. I'm not even sure if the finished result isn't still a fair bit funky, but it does sound big.

Song Themes

Animals, Artificial Body Parts, Bad English, Body Parts, Forgetting, Remembering, I Am, Oblique Cliches Or Idiom, Occupations, Religion, Supernatural, Screaming


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