Vibe Report: West Coast Flood shows are coming, more East Coast too...

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This Vibe Report was posted to YouTube on February 12th, 2020. The video contains an update on the previous YouTube Vibe Report, as well as some other announcements. This is the first YouTube Vibe Report in which the video is relevant to the audio. It was taken off of YouTube sometime from March 3rd to March 6th in the same year.


  • Starting time [0:00] - Camera pointed at an image of a promotional poster for the Flood 30th year tour on John Flansburgh's computer.
Hey everyone. John Flansburgh here with another quick vibe report, the vibes are very good, here in They Might Be Giants land. You're looking at my computer. These are all the upcoming shows, there's thirty-one of them. Including... Ithaca, New York... on May 5th, that's the- night before my birthday, everybody. Happy birthday. Buffalo's now sold out- Everything's sold out except Ithaca, so if you know anyone in Ithaca, please tell them we're coming.
  • [0:33] - Image switches to that of a green They Might Be Giants shirt with the band's name over the yellow silhouette of a jackalope.
So we've got some new stuff, a brand new t-shirt, this is available at us- on preorder, women's shirts are coming. Um, this is of course, the great North American jackalope, a mythical creature, that everyone enjoys, this shirt was designed by Mr. Paul Sahre, and uh, it is available as a preorder, we're not sure how long it will be in stock, so if you'd like it, we think you should, uh, jump now, because, otherwise you'll be, uh, out of luck.
  • [1:05] - Image switches to a white Science Is Real shirt.
Uh, what else is happening- Oh, Science Is Real, the current Science Is Real shirt colorway is being replaced, our most popular shirt, by far, featuring the David Cowles caricatures of John and John, the crazy volcano and everything, but there will be a new colorway coming, so look out for that, Science Is Real, is always part of the vibe here at They Might Be Giants,
What? Oh, sorry. Okay.
And uhm, if you don't know, you don't know, Istanbul (Not Constantinople) is available along with The Communists Have The Music and Your Racist Friend as a karaoke, right here on YouTube, on our YouTube channel. And uh, one final th-thing,
one final note, about things They Might Be Giants that you might not be aware of, uh, if you join our mailing list, we will send you, um, uh, pre-sale codes, for our shows, so, you can get in, to the shows, when- even when, uh, they're selling out, moments after they go on sale, we know this is kind of, unprecedented, uncharted territory for us but we're trying to get used to it, and one thing- one little work around the box that we figured out is that if we have a pre-sale code, and get the word out to, our, uh, our biggest fans, we can, avoid disappointment and heartache, with these shows selling out so quickly. Uhm, and one final thing, uh, for people who've slogged through this whole, uh, vibe report, we will be touring the west coast and be doing more east coast shows, uh, in the fall, and those shows are going to be announced, sooner than later, so stand by for that, west coast people, we have not forgotten about you, we should be going down the entire west coast, um, and then, into Texas, um, so look out for those show announcements, people in the UK, people in Europe, we hope to get there soon, too, we want to see all of you, the vibes begin with you, see you later.


Discussed in reverse order:
-West coast shows and more east coast shows are confirmed this fall and will be announced soon!
-Join our mailing list for special pre-sale codes to beat the bots right here. Be part of it now and get Flood Live in Australia as a free download.
-There are karaoke videos of Istanbul, The Communists have the Music and Your Racist Friend are on youtube right here,,
-Some other band is coming... and it's gonna be very cool.
-Science is Real is coming in a new color way. Get the current color way here
-The brand new jackalope shirt is available for pre-order here

-Ithaca on May 5th is on sale and is the only show that hasn’t SOLD OUT. Get your tickets here


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