Vibe Report: TMBGareOK needs MOAR, and free music from TMBG

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This Vibe Report was posted to YouTube on April 18th, 2019, and was deleted sometime later in the year. It features John Flansburgh narrating, with no background audio. It is two minutes and four seconds long.


Hey, YouTube. It's John Flansburgh with an unofficial vibe report. Not that there are official vibe reports. Everything's going good, happy springtime. So, uh, a couple things we wanted to tell people if they weren't aware of them. Uh, They Might Be Giants have an official Tumblr page, on Tumblr, it's called TMBGareOK, that's T-M-B-G A-R-E O-K, just like it sounds, and uh, we are looking for your, uh, bass harmonica, cover versions of They Might Be Giants songs, your bootleg recordings of live radio appearances, your rare audio, your rare video, your VHS tapes of TMBG on 120 Minutes, all that stuff. Your setlists, your photographs, your costume parties, your- all- anything related to They Might Be Giants, old posters, whatever you've got. If you've got any They Might Be Giants ephemera kicking around, please post it, at TMBGareOK at Tumblr, that's T-M-B-G A-R-E O-K at Tumblr. Also, a sidenote, if you're unaware, we have a new album out called My Murdered Remains, and there's a free sampler of that album called Some Murdered Remains, six songs, that you can get for free, at, in the free downloads section. The album My Murdered Remains along with two other music projects. The Escape Team, which is brand new songs, eleven new songs inspired by David Cowles's comic book, The Escape Team, and the John Henry Demos, which are the original demos to our John Henry album now, available... to everyone. So, uh, they're not on Spotify, those albums are not streaming anywhere, so don't cheat yourself out of a good time, help us uh, pay s- the electric bills, and uh, get 'em on our website the old fashioned way. Um, so, uh, thank you so much for your support, and uh, we hope to see you soon, and uh, I'll talk to y'all later. And remember, the vibes begin with you!


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