Vibe Report: 16 new TMBG shows on sale. 8 already SOLD OUT!

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This Vibe Report was posted to YouTube on March 4th, 2020. John Flansburgh continues advertising the Flood tour. It is two minutes and thirty-three seconds long.


Happy Wednesday, everybody. It's John Flansburgh here with a Vibe Report for They Might Be Giants. The vibes are fantastic, we've got a week and a half of sold out shows, I am flying out to Milwaukee today, playing a show there tomorrow night, Chicago, for two nights, then two nights in Detroit, all sold out. Then, we come back to New York City... unpack our bags for a moment, clean the laundry, and then drive down to uh, a sold out show in Philadelphia, and then end on the fourteenth, in New York City. Needless to say, there are more shows in our future, and we want to invite you to all of them, uh, we are playing in Los Angeles and Oakland, where else? Um, tickets are available for Denver while they last. Lots of these shows in the fall have already sold out, so we would, uh, tell people not to wait, um, and there are three, new shows, that just went on sale, second shows, in cities that have already-, sold out. Seattle, Portland, and... Asbury Park. And, uh, those shows are adjascent to the shows that we are doing already in those cities, um, they are Flood shows, but they are not the entire Flood album, we are also going to be playing, some, songs off of um-... uh, Mink Car, and uh, we'll also just be playing some other songs, so it's a two-set evening with a show, those second shows, eh, with a, slightly different, uh, agenda than the previous night; We wanna, sort of, make special to the people who missed out on the first Flood show, but also, uh, make it different for ourselves and different for anyone who's uh, coming back to see the... show for a second night in a row so, um, to answer your question, the answer is yes, and um, uh, thank you all for uh, following this uh, YouTube channel, it's uh, I wanna advise everyone to follow the YouTube channel, also if you want to get presale codes on these upcoming shows, uh, the, fan club is the best... way to get it, 'cause you get it first, and then uh, the free newsletter... is the second best, because you get it next. Um, so, people, thank you so much for all your support, um, and follow me @flansyflans on Instagram, and see all the pictures of my cats, uh, I have a phone full of cat pictures, that everybody likes, and, I hope everyone has a great... time... soon.


NEW! 2nd SHOW! Asbury Park
Asbury Park SOLD OUT
Portland ME
North Adams MASS MoCA
Pawling SOLD OUT
NEW! 2nd SHOW! Seattle
Seattle SOLD OUT
NEW! 2nd SHOW! Portland
Portland SOLD OUT
Los Angeles GOING FAST
San Diego
Salt Lake City
Fort Collins SOLD OUT
Boulder SOLD OUT
Kansas City
2nd shows are not the SAME so go to and look up show info.


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