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This Vibe Report was posted to YouTube on January 5th, 2020. In it, John Flansburgh advertises the upcoming Flood 30th anniversary live shows over some music. It is three minutes and twenty six seconds long.


Ahoy. And good vibes to all in this new year. To ships at sea, and people adrift, in 2020, this is John Flansburgh with a Vibe Report, with so many vibes to report. First off, we want to congratulate ourselves and every who's coming out to these 31 shows, 29 of which are already sold out, how exciting is that, we're sold out till May, ladies and gentlemen. Uh, People of Ithaca, people of Buffalo, those shows might not ever sell out but we can tell you that they will be joyous, emotional events with crying, live crying, on stage. So come see those shows. People of the west coast, we will be doing a west coast tour of the Flood 30th anniversary, in, fall, so, come out to that, um, everybody else who's wondering when we're going to be playing the south, when we're going to be playing Australia, when we're going to be playing in Europe, uh, those shows will happen, um, immed- those will be the first shows that happen, after the 30th anniversary of Flood ends, we'll be playing the favorite songs off of Flood, and none of the songs people don't like as much. So it'll be a very satisfying show. Plus, we'll probably have a new album out, we don't know. Only time will tell. In 2020, only time will tell. But more about Flood, be- in celebration of the celebration of Flood, we have brand new t-shirts available, people, that's right. Um, one of them looks like this. We also have Flood back in stock on green vinyl. A special, green vinyl edition of Flood, it looks beautiful, it sounds great, uh, there is also, this insane picture disc, if you're the kind of person who is into picture discs, and who isn't, um, it looks like this on the front side, it looks like this on the back side. But, if you look the backside on your turntable through your phone, it looks like this! It's unbelievable. Now, we can't guarantee that this picture disc will double in value after you purchase it, but I personally suspect that if you buy two, you can pay for the second one by selling the first one on eBay as soon as you get it. These ship on January 15th, which is the anniversary, the thirtieth anniversary of Flood, or some would say, the twentieth anniversary- the twenty ninth anniversary of Flood, its thirtieth year, I don't know. That stuff is tricky, I don't know how it works. But this is what it looks like, isn't that mind bending? But anyway, ahoy me maties, the vibes are good. If you want other shirts, we've got some other crazy shirts, like the all over, uh, first album shirt, it's printed- the entire shirt is printed. It costs a fortune. We can't afford to keep this in stock. Get it now, or regret, for the rest of the week. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, we hope the vibes are good wherever you are, let's make 2020 a great year. It's gonna be great. Talk to you later. Bye.


Celebrating Flood's 30th year celebration with 29 sold out shows til May 2020. Shows in Ithaca and Buffalo will include crying. Picture disc available here All other merch is available at

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