A vibe report with John F. for Jan. 1 2018

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This Vibe Report was posted to YouTube on January 1st, 2018. John Flansburgh talks about live appearances, Dial-A-Song, and his Spotify playlists over an orange and blue image. It is three minutes and five seconds long.


Happy new year everyone! This is John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants, with the January 1st, Vibe Report, for They Might Be Giants, there is so much going on, it's crazy, it's a, sleep-in kind of morning, so, if this, sounds a little bit like an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response video, or an, ASMR video, uh, I apologize, but, I don't want to wake anyone up. Um, we are playing in Austin, in exactly a month, and we're going to be performing, Apollo 18 in its entirety, because we're back at Stubb's, and it's a special show. We are, going to be doing a Google Talk in exactly one week in New York City. What's a Google Talk? I don't know! But join us for that, um, I don't know if it's open to the public, but maybe you can, crash at- we're uh, rehearsing for our big tour, uh, momentarily, we're doing a, Rolling Stone in-studio visit, we're doing a Spotify Session, uh, right before we leave, and then, we're in Charlottesville on the seventeenth, s- touring across the south in the beautiful warm weather. The Atlanta show is sold out, we are playing five shows in Florida, we are, gonna be in Baton Rouge, uh, at the end of the month, never been there, we're back in Birmingham, Alabama, which is always a blast, and then, we're, creeping up, to the, midwest, the cold, cold, midwest f- in February, and then, continuing across the United States, so come out and see the show, we're also playing, uh, shows in the UK, and in Europe, um... Uh, in the fall, those shows are actually already on sale, some of them are already selling out, so, you might wanna get your tickets if you hear this announcement, and you, wanna check in with that. Dial-A-Song is starting up, momentarily, and uh, it will be an epic year. Our new album, I Like Fun, comes out January 19th, and, um, many of those songs will be- all of those songs will be heard on the Dial-A-Song, service, so, check in with that as well, subscribe to this, uh, this YouTube channel, and um, an- and uh, oh, and check out, the uh, Spotify playlists that I've been posting, on the They Might Be Giants, I guess it's called an artist page, it's not, our profile page, it's uh, but it's something that we can kind of contour, and I've posted about, a dozen playlists there of just personal, uh, music that I enjoy, that I think you might get a kick out of. And there's some interesting, uh, very They Might Be Giants specific things like, there's a playlist of, the original versions of all the songs we've ever covered, including, like, uh, The Four Lads doing Istanbul (Not Constantinople), and things like that, so if you know They Might Be Giants music, but you want to hear, these sort of origins of, uh, the covers we've done over the years, that is a fun playlist to check out. So thanks again, and uh, have a great 2018! It's gonna be better!


Discussed: An Apollo 18 show in Austin, a Google talk next week, Dial-A-Song's return and JF Low Stakes playlists.

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