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USER PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION It will shortly come somewhat soon, and it will be awesomely awesomely awesome.

Sometimes I forget to log on, and I use the IP If you want to see all of my contributions, you have to look at that IP too.

Factory Showroom Mix[edit]

This article is a rough draft

I love the album Factory Showroom, but I have some serious issues about how the album is organized, and what was chosen to put on an EP and what was chosen to go on the actual album. My main reason for hating it, is that the awesome song Sensurround was chosen to go on an EP. This mix is the way that I think Factory Showroom should be.

Anyway, I have never actually listened to this mix all put together, but I have heard all of the songs on either Factory Showroom or Clock Radio. When I actually listen, it's more than likely I will mix stuff around. I'll get back to you when I do that. =D

Anyway, the reasons for why the tracks are where they are: I am convinced that Sensurround would become a huge hit if it were actually on Factory Showroom.(as in, Birdhouse In Your Soul, Ana Ng, Don't Let's Start, Experimental Film, type popular). Since TMBG has a tendency of putting the best song at the very front of the album, that's where I put Sensurround. Then, I looked at other TMBG albums and I saw that usually energetic songs were put second, but usually not great songs. Hence, XTC Vs. Adam Ant. On The Drag is there because if it were anywhere else it would seem odd and out of place. Usually the fourth track is a good place to put a really good song, so New York City is there. Since I first listened to Factory Showroom I thought The Bells Are Ringing belonged at the beginning of the album and not the end. I put it as early as I could in the album, but the previous four songs were put there first because of the stated reasons. In my opinion Token Back To Brooklyn is isn't so demented it has to be hidden, as in the real Factory Showroom, but it seems good to get it out of the way. However I had to include enough good songs at the beginning so if someone new to TMBG wanted to listen they would know that less creepy songs were ahead. After that, James K. Polk's silly themes numb the creepiness of Token Back To Brooklyn.

After this very deliberate opening, I basically tried to make the rest of the album seem like more of a mixed bag than it actually is. I tried to alternate between slow and fast songs, and not clump all the good songs together. Finally, toward the end, I put two songs that seemed great for the end of an album, She Was A Hotel Detective and Your Own Worst Enemy. And really, that's it.

You might be wondering a couple things. Like, why is She Was A Hotel Detective on there, when it's not from the Factory Showroom era? What happened to How Can I Sing Like A Girl? Well, for question number one, because it's a great song. I think it's one of TMBG's best, and it deserves to be on a core album. It fits much better on Factory Showroom than John Henry anyway. For the second question, although How Can I Sing Like A Girl? is a great song, it's so long it disrupts the flow of any album. That's why it's not on the mix.

B-Side Greatest Hits[edit]

This is a mix of the most popular b-sides.

But in the mean time visit, my approx100 page website.

AgentChronon's ranking of the songs on Their debut album!! Best to worst.

  • Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes It had a great beat, and awesome lyrics like "All the people are so happy now, their heads are caving in"
  • 32 Footsteps The guy's voice in this is awesome, and I like the tune a lot
  • Everything Right Is Wrong Again I bet you I'm the only person in existence who likes this better than Puppet Head.
  • Don't Let's Start It's a classic. What can I say?
  • She's An Angel If the verses were more like the chorus it would be so awesome.
  • Rabid Child Oddly mystifying, somewhat creepy.
  • Rhythm Section Want Ad This song is so fast it goes in to Speed Awesomeness (I know that made no sense)
  • Absolutely Bill's Mood Great guitar in the back.
  • Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head It's Puppet Head. Yup.
  • (She Was A) Hotel Detective So classic rockish. I also like how he laughs hysterically at the end.
  • I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die Never fails to make me laugh. It's sung by an old guy XD
  • Number Three It's very funny, but not that much music.
  • Boat Of Car See Rabid Child comment.
  • Chess Piece Face Also see Rabid Child comment.
  • Hide Away Folk Family I always skip it. Too folky for me.
  • Youth Culture Killed My Dog I skip it. It bores me.
  • Alienation's For The Rich See Hide Away Folk Family comment.
  • Toddler Hiway It's just thirty seconds of talking. =P
  • The Day It's quiet. Too quiet...


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