Lyrics:3 Chords, 2 Teeth, 1 Eye

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3 Chords, 2 Teeth, 1 Eye
By: The Avatars Of They
Year: 2013

Ladies and gentlemen! What? The Avatars of They are running for re-election! Oh! Hey, I got a question What? Who wants to walk like a kitty-cat? Not me! I didn't think so Ah! My hair hurts Hard to believe we're just waiting for a bus Three chords, two teeth, one eye

Ah! Play it, son All right, I'm playing all the hairs on my body And that's one Yeah One long hair wrapped around your whole body It's so icky I got a piece of my mind stuck in my eye I can't deal with that right now Ah, yeah!

Three chords, two teeth, one eye Oh! Two eyes, one eye, no eyes Ah!

I demand a recount! Who wants to look like this? Nobody! I didn't think so

Ohh I didn't realize we were still recording I'd already moved onto something else Some Tim Conway joke books Stop the music! Yes