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By: The Avatars Of They
Year: 2012

Green Avatar: I've got the power Blue Avatar: And I've got the goatee

GA: I can do math BA: And I can do goatee

GA: People find me interesting BA: People find me goatee

GA: My beats are cold BA: Spelled H-O-T

One's got the power and one's got the goatee Together they're invincible

GA: No one can believe it (BA: No one can believe it) GA: Avatars of They (BA: Avatars of They) GA: This can't be real (BA: Or can it?)

Avatars are coming to sleep on your couch Eating all your snacks and borrowing your stuff

You can't finish your (GA: sentence) BA: 'Cause we keep interrupting (GA: We keep interrupting)

BA: Baah! GA: Goat! BA: Goatee! GA: Go goat! BA: Is not a goa-t-shirt GA: Richard Thompson's solo album (BA: Baah) BA: When I say "Harvey", you say "Mandel": Harvey GA: Mandel BA: Harvey GA: Mandel BA: Harvey GA: Mandel BA: Harvey GA: Mandellllll BA: Goatee is not a goa-t-shirt, it's a way of living your life GA: I think his name's Howie