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Review by Eee:

My family and I drove from the Boston area to Brooklyn for this show, and it was definitely worth it. Seeing Flans and JL (and Dan) was great, as always, but it was a rare privilege to see Marty, Danny, and Robin take the lead, too.

There was a lot of fantastic banter and commentary throughout the show. Here are some of my favorite moments.

  • Flans provided the introduction to Alphabet Lost and Found. "Seven years ago we started a boy band, fronted by our drummer, Mr. Marty Beller. And here to sing our big smash hit song, the Alphabet Lost and Found, please welcome to the center stage -- where he truly belongs -- Mr. Mary Beller!" Marty did a fantastic job and just went crazy up there. It seemed only fitting that he was wearing an Animal t-shirt for the show. After the song was over, JL applauded, "Mr. Arty Eller!!"
  • As the Avatars of They took the stage, Blue Avatar (Flans) described the songs they were about to sing. "A quiet song, like in the library. And then a loud song for dancing. Like dancing in the library!"
  • As Flans announced Danny's part of the show, he plugged Danny's upcoming show with his Red Pants Band at "Madison Square Garden" (Madison Square Park, actually).
  • During the "Digging, digging, digging..." verse of I am a Paleontologist, JL did his own version of the speaking part. "Is it Snuffleupagus? Acidophilis? Pachycephalosaurus?"
  • During Robot Parade, Flans led the audience in a cheer. "Gimme an R! Gimme an R! Gimme an R! What's that spell? RRR!"
  • When Robin came on stage, she mentioned all the confetti. "Wow! Where did all this colorful paper come from? ... It's like a cannon exploded," she said. "Simile," JL pointed out. The two of them argued briefly about whether it was a simile or metaphor until Flans chimed in, "I hate to interrupt this bickering, but can I get in?" Later on -- just after Robin left? -- Flans asked who was going to clean up all the confetti, and JL complained, "I always have to clean up the mess."
  • After finishing Birdhouse in Your Soul, JL encouraged the audience, "You know what that means! Now go do it!"
  • My husband and I have always thought the "We want cake! Where's our cake?!" part of Seven is hilarious, and I'm really glad they played it. Maybe too glad. Yes, I was the crazy mom who threw my fist in the air and excitedly chanted along with Dan on that part.
  • Towards the end of the show, Flans provided more "information" about Danny's upcoming performance. "Madison Square Garden! 4 AM! $200! Nine drink minimum! Juice boxes OK!!!" (That part about "Juice boxes OK" killed me. Too funny!)

About a week before the show, I was helping my daughters learn the lyrics to Why Does the Sun Shine, and they were actually getting pretty good. I'm a little sad that wasn't part of the setlist for this show. Otherwise, the setlist was great. I'm actually a bigger fan of the kids songs they played now that I've seen them performed live.

Minor nitpick: I don't see it on the setlist, but I'm pretty sure they played Nonagon, too.