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Fan Recaps and Comments:


It was a great set! Moon Hooch was on before them, and they were amazing, unlike anything I've heard before. The TMBG show was even better than last year (for the Join Us tour), and they were clearly having fun! Linnell seemed particularly relaxed and even goofy. I was really happy they did some songs from the first album, too. Afterwards, I went up to see Marty handing out stickers, and got him to sign one. I thanked him and told him to enjoy their coming year off! He smiled and said, "oh yes pleeeze." I appreciate that the sound levels were loud, but not painful. The TMBG shows I have been to are the only shows that haven't left me with muffled ringing ears, but at the same time, I don't feel they cheated us out of a loud, rocking show. I wasn't aggressive enough to snag a set list this time, but if they come around in 2015, I'll be ready.