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Work In Progress[edit]

Detention hall, name on the wall and
Locker dent
Never mind the withered words of
Pulling off my anorak
Dumping out my black backpack
Take what you like
I'll keep on walking

My Collection[edit]

CJSF's Collection

Tagline Contributions[edit]

I enjoy making taglines for this wiki's main page and have tried to fit in my wiki references while respecting the general meter and structure of the original words. I hope you agree that most of the time I've done fairly well. Please visit my tagline list here.

Other Things[edit]


Besides TMBG, I love birds and have been birding since 1990 (the same year I discovered TMBG). I have a blog that I started in February 2013 called Lonely Birder. It features my photographs and narratives of my ongoing birding adventures. In it you can find posts about my trip to Churchill, Manitoba to see Polar Bears in 2015 with my wife, our 2019 adventures in southwest England and Wales, and my 2019 trip to Bengaluru, India.

I sometimes post bonus or first-look material on my Tumblr page.

I'm also board member of the Florida Ornithological Society and I am on its Conservation Committee.

Pride Ally[edit]

I'm was recently on the steering committee for the GSM (Gender and Sexual Minority) employee group at my workplace. They work hard at providing resources, contacts, and activities for GSM employees and supporting company policies that guarantee a safe, productive, and inclusive environment for all. I had to step down due to other duties at work and personal situations, but my heart lies with this allyship and I'm always looking for the next opportunity to leverage my privilege.


I've accidentally started collecting rubber duckies. You can see most of them over on my Instagram feed @lonelybirder (along with links to my more recent blog entries).

Some Other Bands[edit]

Besides TMBG, you can often find me rocking to Rush, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Anthrax, Nomeanso, Ramones, P.I.L., 24-7 Spyz, Tom Petty, The Who, and innumerable other "Classic" Rock, New Wave, Metal, Punk, Post-Punk, Alt-rock, Soul, and more! My latest jam is the hard rocking Soraia, out of Philadelphia! Check them out!