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Fan Recaps and Comments:

"Wearing A Raincoat," "Destination Moon," "Spiraling Shape," and "The End Of The Tour" were played during the soundcheck.


My 10th TMBG show in 10 years! It started with Corn Mo opening, my third time seeing him open for TMBG. He was pretty good, and I was actually happy to see him instead of Coulton. As for TMBG, they of course put on a good show. The energy level seemed a little lower than usual, particualarly at first, although it did pick up as the show went on. One of the most exciting things is that I finally got to participate in Battle For The Planet Of The Apes! Song selection was good, especially enjoyed the older songs that they don't play regularly, or at least I haven't seem them before (Cowtown, Snowball In Hell)


I will never go back to the Ram's Head again. Well unless there is someone there I really want to see. However I will avoid it like the plague. First I got there very early, and I'm glad I did. No thanks to the RH staff giving me the wrong directions and then blaming ME for not finding them despite using a GPS. The wrong directions resulted in a scratch on my NEW car and almost landing up in the Harbor. Anyway, it was fun hanging out with the usual crowd. Once in, I liked the waiting area. The bar and lounge was very nice. You could hear the soundcheck which was "Destination Moon". So I got in, right in the front and began video taping. Mind you, this is the first time I EVER, EVER recorded ANY concert of ANY group. Well it was soon taken away by some guy who in a creepy way put his slimy hand on my shoulder who said nothing and grabbed my camera. Everything was erased. Half the concert at this point. Dan Miller came over to me and asked if my camera was taken away to which I replied "Yes". A few songs later he got it back for me which created a conversation with the Johns and myself. I ended up recording two songs in total and after the show the tour manager found me and took me back stage. I also received the signed LP. I got the one in Pittsburgh too, so one goes to my one son. The best part of the night was walking by the security guy and giving him such a look and a smirk as I passed. Oh yeah, the show was good as well. I thought they played tight. I can't believe such sounds that Corn Mo gets out of the Accordian. I am not of fan of his composition style especially when he's on the keyboard, however I feel he is very talented.
Anyway, many, many thanks to Dan Miller again.