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I'm surprised there hasn't been any writeup of this yet! Although it was months and months ago I still remember this show vividly because it's the first concert I ever went to, and thus also my first live TMBG show.
Starting from the beginning, Jonathan Coulton was awesome and he really set the tone for the show. I'm not sure if opening acts have, like, notoriety for being disappointing, but JoCo really blew it out of the park. He played Still Alive, Code Monkey, Je Suis Rick Springfield, Good Morning Tucson, and Sticking It To Myself (though not in that order) and it was fantastic.
If TMBG's show was a delicious gourmet meal prepared by the finest chefs in the world, JoCo was like a delicately prepared appetizer. Mozzarella sticks, probably. (But definitely the finest mozzarella sticks prepared by the finest chefs.)
The bridge of Snowball in Hell was hilarious. The Avatars discussed cutting each other's stomachs open and taking steaks out, watching each other through the window ("And Joe, when you're watchin' TV, I try and look through the window and see what's on the TV, but the TV is facing away, and that drives me a little crazy. And then you go into the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich and I can't see the sandwich and that drives me a little crazy. I'm going to cut your stomach open and get the sandwich out.")
Really, every part with the Avatars was hilarious- the "Pandor" jingle and subsequent sale of the medication to a cardboard cutout of the Supreme Court had the audience in tears (or at least, it did me.)
There was also a bit where Flansburgh complimented the venue and compared it to Trax, the nightclub where they'd played every other time they were in Charlottesville. "Some people have fond memories of Trax," he said. "We have... memories." Indeed, the venue was very nice; it seemed more like a place where you'd watch a play than a place where you'd see a rock band perform.
Unfortunately, right after the show ended, the whole place was crowded with people leaving and I wasn't able to try and get an autograph (I hadn't thought to bring any CD's, anyway, so I'm not sure what I'd have asked them to sign...)
All in all I'd rate this show 10/10, though I don't have anything else to compare it to. Definitely the highlight of my February, and if someone asked me my top 10 events of 2012, this would definitely be on the list.