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Fan Recaps and Comments:

In the battle between People on stage right and Apes on stage left, People won.

Flansburgh: "I was looking up the fan Wiki of the last time we were in Dallas. And one of the quotes was 'We're a band from New York; we don't take requests.' Seems a little hostile, a little harsh. I don't know if we were being hostile on the square or..."

Fan: I love you John!
Flansburgh: Shut up, drunk people!

When people were drunkenly yelling out song titles, Linnell: "Do you guys really talk like that? [growling/yelling] 'Hey guys! I saw this really cool band last night!' 'Mom where's the cereal?'"

Linnell: "Part of the glamour of all this is being up on stage up here. But what you don't know is that there's this narrow gap about this big that you have to squeeze yourself though to get on stage. It's a bit little bit like being born."
Flansburgh: "Happy birthday, John."

[Referring to Why Does The Sun Shine?]
Flansburgh: "There's a song that is not ours, but we covered it; it was actually written in the 50s. It's about the sun, and how it's a mass of incandescent gas. Well, it turns out that is bullshit."
Linnell: "Fuck that song!"

The Avatars of They: Your flash useless against us! We're vampires!

Before the show started, the Granada Theater live streamed @GranadaTheater tweets from Twitter. An audience member proposed to girlfriend Robyn on the feed. She said yes.

[Introducing Dallas venue song] "This next song is about a night club here in Dallas that I think is closed now." [Audience cheers as they comprehend that the band is talking about Trees] "Please, hold your applause until all music clubs are closed down."