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Fan Recaps and Comments:

No Dan Miller at this show.

Coulton's set, in mostly this order: Mr. Fancypants, Sticking It To Myself, Code Monkey, Still Alive, Good Morning Tucson, Nemeses, Shop Vac, Alone at Home, I Feel Fantastic.

The Avatars claimed to be traveling in their own separate tour bus now, thanks to their lucrative sponsorship deal with Epic Fail Baloney Sandwiches. They even sang the jingle for us.

Apes vs. People ended in a tie.

After the show, Flansburgh mentioned on Twitter that he was "struggling with blown out vocal chords." He was drinking his special "show business tea" throughout the show, which reportedly consisted of LSD & ecstasy. This led to Linnell getting ranty about kids these days & flavored LSD. "What are you going to do with hazelnut?"