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Fan Recaps and Comments:

"Drink!" was listed on the set list after "Doctor Worm" but was played later instead. Practically an every-album show, but nothing from "Here Come the ABCs" or any Mono Puff songs were played.

Jason DeLima:

Surprisingly, we didn't get lost going from Middletown, NY to Princeton, NJ. However, we did get lost going back. :(
If I told anyone that Montclair was a good show, I lied to you. This was probably the best show ever.
I met up with TDK before the show and to my surprise, Vvedge was sitting next to me. I didn't know until ant asked him if I was sitting somewhere near him. I wish my phone was capable of going on #tmbw.
TDK also gave me a sign he stole from the very first show I went to. Thanks!
Mccarter Theatre has a super strict camera policy. They busted every single person with a camera. But that soon changed.
I guess TMBG heard me last time when I was screaming "PLAY WEST VIRGINIA!", because it showed up as the second song!
Things got crazy once they started rocking out Doctor Worm. Two kids started dancing, and you could obviously see that Flans was amused by it. After that, everybody started dancing too, and they went right into Clap Your Hands and told everyone to stand up. That's when everybody went crazy with their cameras. I had a front row seat, so I got to see all the action.
From that point on, the show was just tremendously fun, whether TDK was putting confetti in my hair, or we were dancing or whether we were singing along and making funny remarks.
In New York City, Flans sang "I held your hand, you held mine" like in the album! However, he kept the King Kong line.
During Older, Danny Weinkauf noticed my camera, came up, and started making weird faces to it. I wish my camera was good enough quality to catch it!
As they tried to segue into the new 2009 electronic version of She's An Angel, Linny accidentally hit the spot on his Kaoss Pad that starts the drum machine for Philadelphia. I got excited for a second. I was also able to semi-serenade Mr. MartyCordova during that song. Funny enough, I ran into him again while getting a huge Sprite at the Wawa nearby.
All in all, crazy crazy show. Great setlist, great fans, front row seats. Probably the best I've been to and best I ever will see.
I have quite a few videos, pictures, and a picture of the setlist I need to get up. So be patient!
Anybody that saw me, I had the yellow shirt and black hair, most probably the guy jumping around sporadically in the front row with a camera, feel free to say hi!
Thanks TMBG! And very big thanks to John Littell! :)


Unlike Mr. Delima, we got lost driving to the theater. We ended up in some undeveloped area. When we got to the theater though, our third row seats ended up being third row seats in the balcony. Major let down. Jed Parish led off the day and somewhat amused the audience, but most seemed to just be waiting for TMBG.
We were standing up in the balcony for the first few songs while everyone else was sitting in the theater. TMBG made a few jokes about all the smart kids and high SAT scores. It was nice to hear West Virginia, Twisting, Don't Let's Start and Cyclops Rock. It was good when they played Asbury Park. During Doctor Worm, a few kids, went up to the front and started dancing. A few kids followed, and then we saw someone from the balcony down there. So immediately we rushed down to get up to the front. Suddenly this show had turned into amazement.
We were 4 rows back now, right in front of Linnell. Everyone, some more reluctant then others, stood up during Clap Your Hands when Flansburgh told everyone to. I slowly moved up until I was at the center right at the stage. I was right in front of Flansburgh screaming by lungs out. They used the cannons during Older where they paused while everyone gazed and waited. First setlist was good ending in Damn Good Times. First encore was amazing with Subliminal. Second Encore was also good too with She's An Angel and Sleepwalkers.
Overall, amazing show. Lots of great songs, including the less then usual songs. I met with JasonDeeLima during and after the show and TDK after and saw the setlist and kids setlist from the earlier show. We talked for a quick minute and then I was off to go home, where we did not get lost. But coincidentally saw JasonDeeLima at WaWa on the way home.

Mr. 77:

Well, this was one of the more interesting concert experiences I can remember. The venue reminded me of a playhouse (I'm sure it was), and the campus was really beautiful. My aunt and I's tickets were on the balcony, but we befriended Valerie, the concession stand woman up there, and she offered us her floor tickets if we didn't like the balcony. We did end up taking them, and I'm pretty glad we did. Jed Parish was a unique and fairly entertaining opening act.
Now, onto the show itself. Highlights were, for me, Memo, the Dr. Worm dancers (I joined in on the other side halfway through), Clap Your Hands/Ana Ng, and Subliminal, during which, I'm certain Flans saw me doing the harmony that they were not singing, and smiled). Also, there was this guy behind me with a light-up shirt with stereo-bars (the red and green things that move with the music) on it, and it was awesome.
Overall, very good show.


This was my first TMBG concert, even though I've been quite a fan for some years now. I live really close to Princeton and I was surprised to hear that they would be playing here (it seemed kind of random to me but hey whatever!) Even better, I found out I could go the morning of the concert, and I got a great ticket for only 12 dollars!
As the concert began I was really excited but after the first few songs i felt almost awkard sitting in my seat listening to an awesome band. I was kind of disappointed that everyone was just sitting and listening. BUT that all changed once they started playing Dr. Worm. The song is one of my favorite songs and I couldnt help but start tapping my foot to the groovy beat. But that wasnt enough. So i grabbed my friend. Stood up. And danced my way up the aisle to the front (YEA THAT WAS ME! THE INDIAN KID IN THE RED SHIRT!) I thought I looked really silly at first because the first few minutes comprised of me dancing while every stared but once my friends from the other side of the theater came over and danced with me it didnt matter! After that it seemed like the entire theater stood up and started dancing!
I would have to say that was one of the best nights I have ever had. Amazing band. Amazing show. Amazing dancing.