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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Jade and Ana:

The Michigan Theatre was much fancier than the dankier pit we were in the night before. We missed the first couple of Oppenheimer’s songs because we were in line to buy their CD, anyways, they rocked. During their show, they claimed that ‘Rocky’ was a robot. We talked to them later, and totally called him a robot. It was great. When They Might Be Giants came on, everybody started flooding the isles and rocking-out hard. They started off with The Cap’m just like the night before (actually, it was practically the same setlist, still awesome though :D!). During Why Does The Sun Shine?, the gases on the sun were “steel, wool, and steel wool!”. During Withered Hope, They had a disco ball! Before They played XTC VS Adam Ant, Danny Weinkauf made out the letters “X-T-C” with his arms, YMCA style, and Linnell said “I totally know what song that is!”. They played Museum Of Idiots, which is a shared favourite of ours, so that was super cool. The phone call from the dead this round was from “Jerry Orbach”. “I can tell from the near silence from the audience that they are not familiar with my work”, turns out he was from Law and Order and The Fantastics, which John L replied with “your voice sounds fantastic”, and nobody laughed, haha. John and Jerry sang a duet, and the words went something like “You’re dead!...And you’re alive!... You smell different!.. And you smell the same…Your hair is growing!... But my skin is falling off! This is a duet!”. Jerry was later killed for a second time by good ol’ triangle man. After doing both Phone Calls From The Dead and Older, Flans joked that “How many dead guys can we sing about?”, to which Ana screamed “all of them!”, and these kids standing behind us were screaming out for Exquisite Dead Guy!, but the band broke out to Meet James Ensor :D. For Drink!, Flans had everyone scream “No Wait!”. It was pretty cool when They did The Alphabet Of Nations, because Flanso was wearing the same shirt that he did for the appearance on Craig Ferguson (once again exposing his stomach, haha). At one point in the show, They were announcing a song off of The Else. Dissatisfied with calling it an ‘album’ or ‘record’, Linnell asked what we kids called it these days. Someone in the audience screamed ‘stolen!’, and so John announced “this next song is off of our new ‘stolen’, The Else”. And During Spy, both Johns conducted, and John Linnell even conducted the audience, and everyone would scream “spy!” when he’d point in our direction. Flans screamed into John’s mic during Doctor Worm after ‘Rabbi Vole’s’ solo. Here’s the best part, after the show! When the show was over, we rushed to the stage to get a setlist (score!), and got to talk to Marty and Danny while they were still up there, and then, Flans gave us each a sticker! We left with Marty, Dan’s (who is so cool for talking to us) and Iggy’s autographs. And when we were talking to Marty, he told Jade that she was his hero, and that she should stay in school (no lie!), best night of her life! Sorry this was long; it would have been hard to contain the awesomeness in one regulation-sized paragraph.