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Hullo. It seems as if you have stumbled upon my place...thing. The new MiscTMBG facebook group has inspired me to update this for the first time in years!

When i'm not logged in, i'm

My name is Ganna. I'm not as messed up as I'd like to be. My favourite things in life are music, books, and the Great Outdoors.

You can find me on twitter as gannabel, as AnaAerophina, instagram as andalite_bandit (also a huge Animorphs fan, whatup), and facebook as Ana Weaver.

I made this TMBG quiz, so you should take it:

I'm on youtube! I wrote a song about coffee and science, to the tune of Where Do They Make Balloons?, and you can find it here!

I met John Linnell on 22 July, 2007.

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Other photos from that night:

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Wow, this is pretty cool.