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This was my first experience being in the same room as the two Johns. I was standing next to two guys who were smoking the cheapest pot they could get. It was the kind that smelled like pot, but also smelled like pee a little. Anyway, the bass drum that Flans strapped on to play Whistling in the Dark was incredible. The Yesterdog thing; I don't know if they ate at Yesterdog or just asked about a place nearby that would make this particular show personal, but it worked out well for Yesterdog. A ton of people went there to eat after the show. The extended Alphabet of Nations was impressive. I wish they played more songs from The Spine, but I'm not going to complain about that, the show was too good. I guess I have nothing more to say, so, this rant is over.

Jade and Ana:

This was my first TMBG show. I flew all the way from New Brunswick, Canada, and was staying with fellow wikian Ganna. The show was amazing! We arrived early and managed to get a good spot right under Linnell. After a bunch o' waiting, Oppenheimer came on and they were pretty fantastic, easily the best airhorn solo I have ever heard ;) I'm going to buy their CD. When the roadies were clearing up after Oppenheimer, I could see various members of TMBG through a curtain, and that was pretty cool. I saw Linnell wearing his glasses drinking his trademark coffee. The band soon came on and started with the Cap'm. I'm not going to lie, the show is kind of a blur, so all the details aren't going to be exact. Memorable moments include; The Johns talking to each other in pterodactyl voices, and Flans and the audience discussing that he doesn't have children. The entire show was great! Except there was this one jerk sort of to the side of me that was being incredibly rude, he was hollering something insane the entire time, and Flans kind of made fun of him for a bit, but he didn't stop yelling and Danny Weinkauf actually walked over to the guy and told him to stop, and then the guy spat on the stage... no respect. Speaking of Danny! He's free now! This was his first show with a wireless bass, so he could come after you while still playing the song! The Phone Call From The Dead was "Yesterdog". We had no idea who "Yesterdog" was, but after some research, turns out it's a restruant known for it's hot-dogs. He sang with John, "Yester-you, Yester-Me, Yesterdog". And then during Particle Man, Triangle Man got in a fight with Yesterdog, Yesterdog started reaching out of the earth to grab him, but Triangle Man was too fast, and swatted him with a rolled up newspaper, killing Yesterdog for a second time. Hey, Flans invited the entire audience to come as special guests to the show tomorrow (which we are going to!). When They played Cyclops Rock, they used Nixon instead of Chuckie (like in the demo), and we cheered pretty loud! We don't know what else to talk about, it was all awesome. And to top it off, we managed to swipe John Linnell's setlist! Also, we saw his bike!


This was my fourth time seeing Them live, and it was probably my second favorite (Lincoln Park is hard to top). This was the first time for my friends who came with me, so it was cool to see their reactions to everything. Oppenheimer was damn good, and enjoyed the Twin Peaks shoutout from them. I could tell the Johns were a bit worn down at the beginning, but they seemed to get more energetic by feeding off of the amazing energy of the crowd (which even they commented as being incredible for a Tuesday night). Other highlights, besides the rare performances of "XTC" and "Whistling" and the Yesterdog Version of "Particle Man", included Flans dedicating "Drink" to "whoever has to drive that man home"; Linnell commenting on whether the dudes who kept on yelling "talk like pro wrestlers in everyday life. I'D LIKE TO MAKE A DEPOSIT! THIS IS AN OUT OF STATE CHECK!"; Flans teasing Marty on the botched ending of "Birdhouse"; Linnell responding to somebody yelling "Kids Suck" with "Everybody Sucks, my friend", and "They Might be AWESOME" with "I've been waiting 25 years for somebody to say that. Listen to that man." Also, Dan's solos before "Istanbul" just get more and more beautiful every time.
Overall, a great show with a nice setlist (obviously Else-heavy, but it's their show). I was a little disappointed that it was a no-horns show, as the last few have had them. But oh well. Still an excellent time.

One edit--"Particle Man" was played. I figured at what point. The lyrics were changed slightly to include "Yesterdog." Reference was made to Yesterdog's hand coming out of the grave. "Triangle Man grabs rolled up newspaper and SMITES HIM! SMITES HIM! SMITES HIM! And Yesterdog dies for a second time..."


Best out of the 8 TMBG shows I've ever been to. The most surreal thing for me is that I may well be responsible for "Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterdog". I wrote about it in my blog.