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Hi. I don't wiki much. Here is the story of how I became a TMBG fan:

I, like many fans in my age group, was exposed to TMBG first by Tiny Toon Adventures. However, I didn't have much of an interest in music at the time. I was only a little kid and listened to kids music. Go figure. So, anyway, flash forward a few years, and I'm in middle school. My homeroom teacher was an eccentric lady in what appeared to be her mid-to-late 20's, and she was a geography teacher for 7th grade students who played Istanbul for her classes. Being in her homeroom, though, I got to hear more tracks from Flood, such as Birdhouse and We Want A Rock. Later that weekend, I found out my dad had a copy of Flood, so I yoinked it. Then They were on a show called Viva Variety that very night.

Anyway, I've had some cool TMBG-related moments in my life. At my second TMBG show ever, I had bought a copy of They Got Lost beforehand, and held it up while Flansy talked about it on stage. He noticed and motioned for the spotlights to be put on me. Last year, They rolled into my hometown for the first time in a decade, and I had sent Them a Myspace message beforehand recommending places in town to check out. This may or may not have had a direct influence in the topic of that show's Phone Calls From The Dead segment. I also share a birthday with Marty Beller, User:Aliste, and Jessica Simpson.

That's about it. I enjoy related music acts such as Lemon Demon and unrelated music acts such as Pavement. I've played Kingdom of Loathing and I even knew about Homestar Runner before TMBG became involved. That was a trip.

Now here's a llama, for no real reason other than to fill in the space caused by those annoying userboxes.