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Fan Recaps and Comments:


The highlight of this show was no doubt The Mesopotamians, a ridiculously clever, well written, and catchy song about the ancient people I had the pleasure of studying in school earlier this year. It was also thrilling to have John Linnell ring a cow-bell right in my face. I stood right in front of the stage which meant poor sound quality. It was worth sacrificing the good sound for being so close, but I would have liked to have had a clearer listen to the new songs. The lack of I Walk Along Darkened Corridors at the end of Fingertips was a major disappointment.


An excellent show all around! A lot of the new material got played with great enthusiasm. During Take Out The Trash, John Linnell took out a cowbell and hammered on it with a drumstick. It really benefits from being performed live, as most, if not all, of their songs do. Contrecoup has a new bridge, though I didn't note down the new lyrics, and sounds fantastic performed by the full band.

Phone Calls From The Dead was an interesting new thing they did, reminiscent of last year's shows in Nyack where John Flansburgh put on a falsetto in order to pretend to be Helen Hayes. There's a song intro for 'Phone Calls' and Flans goes offstage with the wireless mic. John Linnell takes on a radio disc jockey-like voice and informs the crowd they've run a phone line out to the graveyard and are taking calls and questions live onstage from beyond the grave. At this show and the later one, Flans's halting falsetto claimed to be 'Eleanor Roosevelt.' It was pretty funny to watch, though I think they're still working out the kinks on that one.

I'm not sure if they wrote the song earlier that day or just made it up on the spot, but Live Free Or Die was a short song Flans sang to reference the New Hampshire motto, omnipresent on their license plates. At the early show he played the song on his acoustic guitar, though for the later show he did it on his powder-blue electric.

After Meet James Ensor, someone in the audience yelled out for them to play that same song again, amusing the band. Flans told of watching a concert where the audience was shouting something he didn't understand and first, but gradually realized was, "Rewind!" because they wanted to hear the song start over from the beginning to fully experience it. So throughout the remainder of the show, enthusiastic TMBG fans in the audience would shout, "Rewind!"

Marty Beller has sparkly new drums for the tour with the Indestructible Object logo on the front. Iggy has brand-new LED lights that are apparently twelve watts each and produce very little heat so as not to cook the band and still produce gorgeous lighting effects. Everyone seems psyched for this new set of shows and The Else!


I definatly would say that some of the stuff that they did from The Else was the most interesting parts of the show. Of course, Fingertips was great, as was Istanbul (Not Constantinople), but Birdhouse In Your Soul was kind of disapointing, but still pretty good.

Live Free Or Die was great, as was Phone Calls From The Dead. Everything seem really well thought out to cater to their audience, and they had tons of energy, at least in the first show. Not being old enough to attend the latter one, I'm really glad that they decided to make an all ages show as well, at a time that allowed me to attened. Being as this was my first They Might Be Giants show, I was very impressed, and am definately going to see them when they come back in Janurary.