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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Reynoldbot Writes:

This is a review of the downloadable audio offered on the site. When I am considering shows to download, I consider three things: Venue/show's personal relationship (I went to the show, I live near the venue, it's my favorite venue etc.), set list (good songs, rare occurances etc.), and recording quality (clipping, distortion, live feel, fullness etc.). Dan Miller, in his recap, usually mentions the quality of the recording briefly. Those are what this review focuses on.

The audio quality of this show is mixed. For the most part, it is very full with a good instrument mix. The vocal mics are a bit tinny, but otherwise it sounds good. The audience mics are too quiet for me, I like my show downloads to sound like real bonafide shows and this one sounds a bit clinical. This show is also plagued by clipping and distortion, although not nearly as bad as the Madison show (see my madison review). It mostly happens whenever the cymbals are hit too hard during loud songs. The whole quality of the audio is a bit tinny, which very much amplifies the harshness of the clipping. It feels like its piercing the deepest reaches of my brain whenever the audio clips on this one.

Wow. The set list of this show is incredible. Anytime TMBG plays two nights at a gig, you can bet the second night is going to be full of little gems not usually played. "4 of 2" makes what I think is it's only appearance on the tour, and these versions of "Wickid Little Critta" and "I Palindrome I" are stellar. "Spy" is something to behold, but it has a lot of clipping.

The incredible set list is more than enough to buy this show, even with the sharp audio clipping. Just don't listen to it too loud with headphones on, you're liable to get a migraine.

Dan Miller wrote:

Basically, This show was completely different then the night before. Lot of repeat fans, which always makes us happy. On previous version of Sleepwalkers we had a bit of a tuning issue - for this show we solved it and the result is the best version yet! I really like the strange beauty that ending with Sleepwalkers creates. It's so opposite of what's expected that it really works well.